14 July 2005

Rattle and Hum

I'll just touch on the fact that I'm sorry for not having posted in a while.


Now that that's over with, good evening to you, children.

I don't know about where you are, but it's fucking hot here. Actually, that's a lie. I do know where you're from. I'm watching you.

No really, I am. I get all this info from my SiteMeter. I know many things, like what browsers you use, what your resolutions are, etc.

For example:
-57% of you are using Firefox. I'm so proud of you.
-38% of you are still using Internet Explorer. I realize that you are special and represent the Dipshits of the Internet, so you are excused.
-The people using Netscape, Safari, and whatevertheshit else, you're excused. As long as it's not IE.

Next, 97.92% of you speak English. 2.08% apparently speak Spanish. Gracias por hacer mi olor del blog como habas y burros.

The monitor resolution results are neat:
-Most of you use 1024x768 (38.54%).
The next two are tied at 21.88%.
-1280x1024 users, you're hip. You obey my rules as deemed at the top of the blog. Five gold stars.
-800x600 users upset me. And then I realize that it's not my eyes melting, so, have fun with that.
-1152x864 is something I've never used, but 15% of you have. Congrats.
-1600x1200 and 1152x870 confound me because they're both odd, and I am incapable of utilizing either. I am not pleased.

The bit that I find most funny is how the blog is come by. One person came upon it by searching for Underoos Commercials. I wonder about people. In case you're wondering, if you Google "Underoos Commercial" this blog is the 57th result. I almost feel like an internet superhero. Moreso a pedophile, but superhero somewhat.

Seems that Blogger got themselves image hosting. To celebrate, here's this guy.

I think I'll stick with the photobucket.

A few neat things I've found recently:
- Are you stupid hot? Try making the most ghetto air conditioning unit ever. I'm so tempted.
- A pretty neat Live TV kit in PC form. Saves so much on equipment it's ridiculous.
- Capture images from Windows Media Player. Self explanatory, good if you ever want to post pictures of whatever the shit you're watching, I guess. I tried it out. Works perfectly.

I've got three things that currently make life awesome:
- My rock axe. More photos here.
- Harvest Moon for the GBA. It is 1997 for me all over again. I love this game far too much.
- Elaine.

I need some food. Next post will be sooner than expected (I figure this gives me at least 2 weeks of leeway).

(Oh, by the way, anyone reading from #forum-m: I'm still alive. Promise. And yes, I am coming to Otakon.)

Moment of Zen: O baterista~!

05 July 2005

I lied.

I'll have something up soon. Just not today.

Going to Toronto tonight and Weezer tomorrow. Perhaps I'll throw down some filth on Sunday.

Moment of Zen: The best thing - ever - is when she smiles.