30 July 2004

Dear Prudence...

One last post before I go.

I'm heading out to Casino Niagara tonight. James Bond-style. Except I'll be wearing a $10.00 tux and drinking cheap whiskey. But at least I will be playing roulette.

Root for me.

Quoth Linksys: "The EtherFast Instant GigaDrive is a powerful, flexible and economical addition to your network."

Since when is $658.63 economical? God do I ever want this thing for our network, but shit, between four guys that's still....like $200.00 apiece. Or something. Well, maybe $120. But still. I'd be the only one who knows its value, and the other guys sure wouldn't drop that kind of cheddar on such a thing.

Hot damn.

Moment of Zen: She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a betterman...

And they all melt away, without you, my love

Sometimes our chats on IRC disturb me. Not deeply, but sometimes I wonder why I hang out in these places.

Example: I was talking with my buddy Mosh about his blog, and he told me he wasn't too happy with his skill at HTML:

Mosh_No_Pants: I don't know how to edit it
Mosh_No_Pants: so I can add cool shit like the banner and the purdy colors
zosobaggins: you just need some html loving
Mosh_No_Pants: Sek says the same thing but I am not friends with html
Mosh_No_Pants: Whenever I see html in the hallway, she always gives me the cold sholder or knees me in the groin
zosobaggins: used to happen to me, then I drugged and captured that bitch
Mosh_No_Pants: :O
Mosh_No_Pants: with ball gags?
zosobaggins: no, she didn't need them
zosobaggins: she just began to love me

To give you a more fair description of the people I hang out with online, I did a study and found this:

zosobaggins: "In the course of seven minutes, someone had been raped, Jews were mocked, Nazis praised, Jesus' name was taken in vain, Canada was insulted (and defended) and gay jokes have been tossed about like salad. Good day, and welcome to Forum-M."

Some days I worry.

You may or may not have noticed, but I've changed the blog. Again. Now it's nowhere near a rip-off of Penny Arcade, and though I still love them very much, I decided to go back to an augmented version of the old colour scheme. The new image up top is courtesy of my fellow N-Driver and artist Rei Nasakii. The image(s) in the top right rotate between nine different ones. If you see one with Pikachu sticking out of someone's pants, those are not my pants. Nor my Pikachu. Nor me in any way, shape, or form. I just really like the picture. Pikapantsu~

I got an Air Miles card today. This means I have to go to the Liquor Store far more often than I already do. I can't wait.

Well, I'm off to St. Catharines for the weekend. Stay smart. Stay safe. 
Moment of Zen: Char: " I used to be pretty dumb with computers. But then I found out you can get porn on them. Two years later I was the mod of an internet forum."

28 July 2004

Pretzel. Pretzel. PRETZEL! ON THE COUNTER!

Well plans changed. Again. Odds are my sojourn downtown is cancelled. At least with Sarah in tow it is. Apparently, a boat is more fun than a trip to Toronto. I can understand though, the allure of a boat is nigh impossible to resist. The true temptation of watercraft, it seems, can capture the hearts of almost anyone.

Not me though, I fucking hate water.

Never have liked it. Don't like getting wet, don't like swimming, don't like having to dry off afterwards. Too much hassle for too little reason. Kind of goes against my heritage, what with being half Southern French. Don't even like seafood much.

So anyhow, Sarah's bailed last minute, but I can't say I didn't half-expect it. Claims she's free next week, I believe her. I might still go, Azumanga Daioh Vol. 3 is singing its siren song. You know, the siren song about 5 teenage girls (and a minor) and their disturbingly cute misadventures as they ponce and frolic throughout high school. Yeah, I'm worried too.

I just saw The Bourne Supremacy. Pretty darn good movie, though the SteadiCam work in it was far from being...steady. Stuck somewhat to the book's premise, which surprised me. I'm sad that I didn't get to see more of Marie though.

I've always wanted to be a contract killer. There, I said it. I don't necessarily like the idea of ending lives, so I think if I were one, I'd be a bounty hunter with a heart. I'd hunt people that I know deserve to occupy space below ground. And contract killers always have posh digs. I guess I could be a spy, but then I'd get too paranoid. I don't much trust anyone as it is, so I don't think the spy is the right thing to do. Nope.

Wow, I can't wait for people to take me seriously on that. If you want to know what my real dream job is, it's the humble bird-chaser at the airport. What a noble fellow.

Moment of Zen: If cereal comes with free stuff, it tastes /that/ much better. If it doesn't, you probably have a gym membership. You conceited prick.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and unoriginality

Well, I've successfully ripped off the colours and stylings of Penny Arcade. I know I probably shouldn't have, and I know I'm not winning any points for being original, but I got sick of my old colour scheme and I decided that the one I like the most out of all the sites I visit with any sort of regularity is PA's. It's also an homage, of sorts, to Tycho, writer for PA. His imagination works just a little differently than most, and I like to think that I share his sense of humour. He's very capable of writing some really awesome stuff about the most mundane things. How someone can be so eloquent about something as trivial as cat shit is beyond me.

Nintendo has released new images of the DS handheld. I'm really happy with the new design, though it does look vaguely like a Ferrari cosmetics case. Hopefully they've learned from the SP (and the GameCube, for that matter) that the small d-pad is a real bitch to work with at times. The d-pad on the DS seems to be a fair size, given its dimensions in relation to the face buttons. I really have high hopes for this thing, but I don't know how long the kitsch of the dual screens can last.

Alright, I've got some things to do. Video editing is a bitch when your parents want you to do it, and they have absolutley no idea how long the process actually takes.

Moment of Zen: Your hair doesn't smell as good as it used to, but it still looks nice.

27 July 2004

puff, puff, give (black lung remix)

A public announcement: You could be the hottest girl in the world. You could have an awesome personality. You could be the nicest person ever. And then you bust out the lighter and huff in a DuMaurier and fuck everything up. Oh sure, it may feel good at the time, but know what's going to feel good in 30 years? Your fucking hospital bed. Having a smoke is such a weak way to "make everything all better." People claim "oh, but it relieves my stress." Yeah, so do video games, so does talking, so does music, so do lots of things. I call bullshit on smoking as a stress reliever. There're better things to spend your cash on, and better ways to go about killing yourself. Three of the best girls I know inhale the idiot sticks, and one of them I only found out about recently (she also prompted this post, though this isn't totally directed at her). This is pretty much dedicated to them. I hope they're having a good time riding down the respect slide towards idiot land.

Now I'm probably going to be labelled a "cruel, insensitive guy" whose agenda is to only break the fragile souls of the people in my life. Well, give me less things to give you shit for, and I won't be giving you shit for it. I do it because I care, whether people like to believe that or not.

Moment of Zen: If you smell Doritos for a good part of the day, and the smell follows you around, you are either unclean or have sat in Doritos. Check your ass, but nonchalantly.

26 July 2004

Vivat Slovakia!

Well I seem to have a busy week ahead of me.

Today I took the kegs back and got my $100.00 deposit in return. Thus, I feel rich again. Therefore I tried to go find a copy of
Disgaea or Tales of Symphonia. Still tempted to get into Final Fantasy XI, but I vowed to do that only once I get a job. Which shall be soon. So, next month, Zosogoeth the sexy Elvann Thiefgirl roams Vana'diel with reckless abandon.

Tomorrow I was intending on going downtown with Sarah, but that's kind of fallen through. She claims she can't go because she's got a hair appointment at 6. I believe I really must've grabbed something. Grabass or no, I had to reschedule. So, I'm going to Rogers to bitch them out for sucking. And to get them to tweak my cellphone account. That, and I shall try my hand at EB for Disgaea.

Wednesday I have many options. One of the options is to go to this wicked computer shop run by soft-spoken Asian folk. I'm looking to build a new computer into an NES case, so I need to do my homework. Sarah needs to get a new keyboard, so I may have to pick her up one. Hmm. I claimed there were many options. I can't think of anything else I have to do on Wednesday. Sounds like a "catch up on Final Fantasy games Day." I love those days.

Thursday is the rescheduled downtown day. Anime will be purchased, as will bubble tea and street meat. I'm hopefully going to visit Nicole, as I promised I would a while ago and I still haven't made good on that. I get to be the morning/mid-afternoon guy while Sean is at work. Scandalous.

Friday I'm heading to St. Catharines to get a job. The rest of the weekend will be spent drinking, loading furniture into my house, and going to Casino Niagara. It'll be a hoot.

Hmm. Thinking about Disgaea, I think Sarah may have it. I'll try to borrow it from her. Which brings me to an announcement/plea:

If you are a girl who lives within drivable distance from me, play video games, listen to music that I deem good, don't mind someone who is overly opinionated and sarcastic, watch anime, and would rather go to a pub than a club, e-mail me. I want to know if you exist.

Wow, that doesn't sound desparate at all.

I wonder how many people actually read this aside from Christina and Donna. Oh well. Hi to you.

Moment of Zen: If your jaw clicks when you chew, you have grabbed ass in the past twenty-four hours and must immediately be high-fived.

25 July 2004

I know you tried to forget me, well today is remembrance day

Well, "back after watching Lost in Translation" secretly means "I'm just not going to post for a week, oooh I am ever so sly."

Had one hell of a kegger. I am not organizing one of these again for a very long time. I can't say that I didn't have fun, but it's a lot of stress. I'm just going to list the main points from the weekend, the stand out ones, if you will.

- Heaving Kev into the attic to see what was up there, only to find a muffler, two car grills, two Chevrolet hubcaps, a ton of stuffed animals (including a Troll), a drivers' license from the 70's, and a photo album chronicling the entire life of some man who is now probably golfing in Florida. Probably owns a condo.

-Coating the Troll in Citrolite to sacrifice it to the party gods. The neighbour to our south must have believed that we were crazy. Wasn't a huge help when Zeynep's boyfriend Paul told her that the flaming Troll was an unwanted pet, and she got the most horrified face on. She wasn't too pleased. Went inside. Probably a good thing too, because it stank like citrus plastic.

-The Po-Po inevitably showed up, but Alex handled it really well. Turns out there're fire and noise by-laws. But we weren't there to cause a ruckus with the cops, so we complied, snuffed the fire and moved inside.

-After the two kegs were pretty well gone and most people had left or passed out, I figured it was time for bed too. For the record, I feel sorry for Sarah's boyfriend, because even though she was "secure" in her own sleeping bag, she's a violent sleeper. Sharing a futon was a fine idea at the start, but my half of the bed sloped toward the middle, and her half didn't. I have a habit of rolling in my sleep, and she had the side of the bed that I'm used to, so I was uncomfortable. So, naturally I'd roll, asleep, and bump into her. Normal people would've woken me up and said "move over." Not so in Sarah's case. No, I get a goddamn decking. I didn't even bump into anything bearing the vaguest semblance of being "naughty." Nope. Got myself a good cuff in the jaw though. So, I figure, "what the hell, she's allowed if she's uncomfortable." So I roll the other way. Unused to the right side of the bed, don't I fucking fall off? THREE TIMES. And then, when I get up in the morning, does she remember nailing me in the jaw? No. Does she remember me bumping into her? Yes. Am I at fault for unconsciously rolling as I do in my sleep? Apparently so.  I just hope I grabbed some ass anyhow, making the jaw-punch almost worth it. Almost.

I stopped in Burlington on the way home from St. Catharines to see what the good word was over at Conspiracy Comics, and I ended up picking up Comic Party Vol. 1 (DVD). Seems pretty nice, and if it's anything like the manga, it'll be darn good. Sarah got a copy of Fruits Basket Vol. 3 (DVD) . Contains no fruit, nor does it come in a basket. Funny show, I dig it. Still have yet to watch it in english.

I just may post more tonight. I think I have more to say.

Current mood: hoping that I got a handful

18 July 2004

A cat- and also a dog-shaped eyebrows.

Will be back in a bit, watching Lost in Translation.

Current mood: snurrrrrrrr

14 July 2004

I think he bought a Wookie bowcaster

First thing's first:
Insects are the best free entertainment around.

I was being incessantly harassed by the biggest moth I have ever seen, aside from Mothra, misunderstood, yet ultimately benevolent adversary to equally feared and revered Godzilla. I feel a little sheepish putting myself in the role of Godzilla in this case, but man did I ever take this sucker out. Now, I'm not exaggerating the size of this thing, it was huge. To give you a visual, I call upon Penny Arcade. You all are Kara, loving and irritable spouse of Gabriel, who is confronted by the spider in the linked comic. I, following the comparison, am Gabe. Now, throw away that analogy, because I don't like it any more. The point is, if you're listening to the Samurai Champloo OST, have sprayed a moth with hairspray, and watch it writhe on the floor in agony pain delight, it appears to breakdance. This, friend, was the highlight of my day.

I really need a job. I've been looking online on the Ontario Job Bank, and I'm curious about a lot, and I know it's not that hard to find a job, but there's one problem that plagues me: I'm living in St. Catharines in mid-August. So, getting a job here for a little less than a month would be a waste of my time and that of an employer's. I figure I'll wait to get a job then, but here's the kicker: I'm out of money now. Now I have to go to the bank, find out how much I have in the savings, hope I have substantially more than a grand, take that out, and put as much of it back in as soon as I'm able. I have the Rush concert in August, the CNAnime convention towards September, and I'm being almost peer-pressured into going to Montreal again. Factor in anime, booze, and games, and I'm screwed unless I get a job soon.

Only solution I can see? Get a job in St. Cath's now and move there in the next few weeks.

I hope this post heralds the coming of a new wave of posting on my behalf.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some Samurai Champloo (awesome) and You're Under Arrest! Live Action (awesomely bad) to watch.

Current mood: paaaaaaaperback wriiiiiiiiiterrrrrr

07 July 2004

Nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur DON'T WALK AWAY EILEEN

Damn it all, I keep wanting to put a big-ish post like the good old days, but then I get too tired by the time I actually post, and then I become too lazy to do so.

I blame IRC.

Current mood: only one thing to do at a time like this...strut.

05 July 2004

They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught...

Why am I downloading episodes of the Animaniacs? Because it was one of the greatest shows to ever grace the air, simply put. I can't think of a show that taught me more general knowledge than that, Jeopardy! aside. I've almost got all the words down to the Nations of the World song ("United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica and Peru..."). My god, it's like I've been bent over and childhood is giving me severe lashings that I can't help but enjoy.

I haven't much time left online tonight as my eyes are on fire, and I need to save them to finish watching Azumanga Daioh, so hopefully I can come up with some multiple-paragraph drivel tomorrow.

Current mood: educated.

01 July 2004

In my dreams can a colour train come to my door?

Far too tired for a full post, just here to voice some concern. If you get a lift home from one of your good friends and you tell her to go online when they get home so you know they didn't get in an accident, and they don't go online, what do you do? My car is about 2km away, and she never came online. I think I worry too much, but I hope Sarah's ok.

Current mood: worried