29 April 2008

There's a boat under there

Quick update. We left London a while ago, and hit Brighton on Saturday to see Ross. Great times. We had a few pints, we ate English food (better than I thought it'd be), walked down by the sea. Brighton is very much like San Francisco, for many reasons. We moved on from there to Salisbury, which is the closest town to Stonehenge. They've got a cathedral there too, where we saw an original copy of the Magna Carta. That was pretty interesting to see, considering we had no idea it was there. We went out to Stonehenge, which, as commercialised as it is, it was worth it. Even at 5000+ years old, it's still a very imposing structure. It was also the coldest we'd been on the entire trip (so far). We left that afternoon for Bath. Great town, great museum. My favourite part of the trip so far. And as it stands, we're back in London, back at Apple. We saw Abbey Road today, went out to Greenwich and stood over the Greenwich Meridian (zero degrees longitude). Now we're out on the town poncing about. Gotta take off though, going to get kicked out I think....

Yeah. We are. Later.

oh, by the way....Beer drank: 1 Guinness, 1 Kronenbourg 1664, 1 Abbot Ale, 1 Barnstormer. The last two are served warm.

24 April 2008

Expensive and pretentious in London too. I love it.

I'm in an Apple Store in London, and I'm on a Macbook Air. The emo kids will love this because it's so sharp you can cut yourself a million times before you hit the floor. It's a nice laptop, but at £1199 (roughly $2300 CDN) it's not worth it, least of all something that requires you to buy a separate CD drive. This place has 2 floors, and is huge. 

We saw Ian McKellen today, that was neat. He was just getting on a subway in Oxford Circus, plain as anything. There you go.

Still no Pythons though, my quest to kidnap John Cleese is not looking good. Sorry Stephan.

Later for now.

22 April 2008

Ponciferous poncing!

A ponce-aloo to you! If you'd wish to join my mailing list, please notify me at once! Forty-five seconds on my one quid of internets! GLORIOUS!

19 April 2008

Ramble On

Hello children-folk. The time has come to be gone. The next time I post we'll be in Europe somewhere. I'll keep in touch as best as possible, through here and through Facebook. I probably won't use MSN, as the keyboards there are a total bitch.

I want to apologize to people who I really wanted to see before I went:
Sean - I booked the wrong day off for the Mike Tea show. I'm a Grade-A moron. Sorry man. However, I shall make it up to you when I return. Brainies and Chapters sound good?
Chris - Man, glad to hear your job's going well, and I'm really sorry I couldn't make it up to your place before I took off. I owe you a pint, so I'll give you a holler when I get back into town.
Eric - I don't even know if you're going to see this, but if you do: We don't hang out nearly as much as we should. I mean we work in the same damn mall! Shit. Sorry our breakfast man-date didn't work out, we've been panicking about the trip and like an ass I forgot. So I owe you some delicious breakfast goods and a quaint morning stroll.

Everyone else I haven't seen in forever, I feel like a right proper ass. I promise I'll get up to the city to visit. Al, Kev, Garbageface, everyone. It's been too long and it's not right.

Alright, I've gotta pack the rest of the bags and try to get the cat in her carrier. Should be fun.

Peace the F out.

13 April 2008

Oh the places you'll go

Just testing my portable version of Firefox off my USB stick. Sounds totally exciting, yeah? Just trying to make things as easy as possible for us on our trip, what with having to pay for internet time and all. Anyhow, there you go. If this works, this is the format in which I'll be posting. Later kids.