24 April 2008

Expensive and pretentious in London too. I love it.

I'm in an Apple Store in London, and I'm on a Macbook Air. The emo kids will love this because it's so sharp you can cut yourself a million times before you hit the floor. It's a nice laptop, but at £1199 (roughly $2300 CDN) it's not worth it, least of all something that requires you to buy a separate CD drive. This place has 2 floors, and is huge. 

We saw Ian McKellen today, that was neat. He was just getting on a subway in Oxford Circus, plain as anything. There you go.

Still no Pythons though, my quest to kidnap John Cleese is not looking good. Sorry Stephan.

Later for now.

1 comment:

Alex said...

HA! If you get John Cleese back here, you will be heavely rewarded!