29 April 2008

There's a boat under there

Quick update. We left London a while ago, and hit Brighton on Saturday to see Ross. Great times. We had a few pints, we ate English food (better than I thought it'd be), walked down by the sea. Brighton is very much like San Francisco, for many reasons. We moved on from there to Salisbury, which is the closest town to Stonehenge. They've got a cathedral there too, where we saw an original copy of the Magna Carta. That was pretty interesting to see, considering we had no idea it was there. We went out to Stonehenge, which, as commercialised as it is, it was worth it. Even at 5000+ years old, it's still a very imposing structure. It was also the coldest we'd been on the entire trip (so far). We left that afternoon for Bath. Great town, great museum. My favourite part of the trip so far. And as it stands, we're back in London, back at Apple. We saw Abbey Road today, went out to Greenwich and stood over the Greenwich Meridian (zero degrees longitude). Now we're out on the town poncing about. Gotta take off though, going to get kicked out I think....

Yeah. We are. Later.

oh, by the way....Beer drank: 1 Guinness, 1 Kronenbourg 1664, 1 Abbot Ale, 1 Barnstormer. The last two are served warm.

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Alex said...

These updates are sweet! Any pics?