30 October 2004


Moment of Zen: Thorold represent, suckas.

27 October 2004

Gettin' back to the PG, that's program

Moment of Zen: With so much drama in the Saint-fuckin'-C., it's kinda hard being Zoso-b-a-double-G, i-n-sssssome how some way I keep comin' up with funky ass shit like every single day.

21 October 2004

Only I could bring you down

A while back I said I'd talk about my favourite Firefox extensions, which I'll attempt to do today. If you don't have Firefox, you're a retard. It is so hilariously superior to Internet Explorer that Billy Gates is probably crapping his gold-weaved drawers thanks to it.

Anyhow, here's an image of my Firefox window, mind you that all this stuff isn't usually open at the same time, it's just open now for showing. I've conveniently numbered the different extensions so it's simple for you to witness. Note the amazing level of kindness I'm displaying here? It's all for you.

1. Down Them All - VERY good tool to download images, videos, entire pages, .txt files, etc. It scans the current page (or the entire site if you want), brings up a list of all the items available for download, and lets you pick and choose what you want. Works great for sites like 4chan. *smirk*

2. Sage - Awesome tool that's integrated right into the browser for organizing and viewing RSS feeds. If you don't know what an RSS feed is, basically what it is is a small text-based preview of a site's updates, and organizes it into topics so you can jump right to the part you want. All of this and it doesn't even go to the site until you want to, as it just sits in a (hidden) pane on the left like the bookmarks bar. Great for viewing RSS feeds like mine.

3. ChatZilla - IRC program that is faster, more reliable, and prettier than Mirc. Now, I only say all that because I never totally utilized Mirc to the fullest, nor did I really want to. It just makes things a lot easier to click one button in the Firefox bar than to go through the whole /join process that I had to in Mirc (a process that I was too lazy to work around, so meh.) I chill in #forum-m. Rock and roll.

4. FoxyTunes - Hip little extension that lets you control damn near any media player with buttons down in the bottom of the status bar there (or wherever the hell you want). Really customizable, I love this thing. My only gripe is that you can't open your playlist with it, but that's a small price to pay to not have to open up winamp each time a song you don't want to hear comes on. It supports the common keyboard shortcuts and whatnot as well.

5. Gmail Notifier - I'm so happy this thing's here. I hate having to go all the way to the Gmail page to check mine. This thing eliminates the need to make the journey. Click, log in, and then it opens your Gmail inbox in a new tab. Simple, but awesome.

Other ones I use that aren't visible are:

Copy Plain Text - If you use Blogger and try to paste anything into their janky posting system, you probably know that half the time it'll be a complete whore and attempt to recreate the text in the original format, thus fucking the entire post up beyond recognition. Copy Plain Text is a godsend. It copies whatever you're...copying...in plain text, no formatting, no anything. Just pure, unadulterated text. If it were a small child, I would pick it up and tell it it was pretty cool or something. Kids like that sort of crap.

Advanced Tab Settings - I hear that this is integrated into the newest version, but if you don't have the newest one, get this. Makes Tabbed Browsing a shitpile nicer. Oh, and if you're using Firefox without using Tabbed Browsing, you're missing one of the best parts of the whole Firefox thing.

IE View - Sometimes - and hopefully this will be fixed in the next update - Firefox doesn't display pages formatted for IE properly. This lets you right-click the link to the messed page and opens it in IE. Helpful, but shouldn't need to be there. Stupid IE.

That's all, I'm thinking.

Oh, and Sarah's blog will be here. Needed to fix that link from before.

Moment of Zen: It's how you look and how you feel, you must have a heart of steel. Why do I keep Fuckin' Up?

The Factory

So it's official, I'm a retard. I was having problems with the links in my blog, so I sent an email to Blogger support outlining my problem. Turns out when you're adding a link, the address prefix of "http://" proves helpful. I'll keep this in mind.

Aside from shows like Unscrewed and The Screen Savers, G4techTV really doesn't have the most impressive programming, especially in Canada. Now it's about quarter to four in the morning, and I've got it on. What are they showing? Apparently the techie equivalent to softcore porn would be showing clips of video game intro CGs from games like Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, BloodRayne 2, and - bizarrely - Tomb Raider 2. Next time I want to see large-breasted volleyball players I'll....well, I won't. I can imagine how in real life that'd be a bit of a hindrance and all. As for BloodRayne, I don't see how a vampire Nazi-killing dominatrix can appear hot, but then again the show is catering to people who can have arguments in the Wookie's native language. Tomb Raider 2 held - for a brief, weak moment in my life - a special place in both my heart and my hard drive, but never did I get any arousal out of the thousand-odd polygons clinging together to form sultry adventurer Lara Croft's enormous bosom.

I have a job interview on Friday, so check the forecast down in hell, Satan. Better get your toque. It's a temp job, but it's a job nonetheless. Toys R Us, electronics/gaming department. God that'll be sweet, provided I get it.

I've been pissing off the people around me with my woes, so I probably won't get into them in any sort of depth here. A small selection of my problems:

-No current job = no money.
-No money = no food or gas.
-No gas = no going home or anywhere really.
-No money also = no booze.
-No money also = no socializing.
-No money also = no new chair to replace the one that broke and almost impaled me.
-No socializing = no potential for meeting girls.
-No meeting girls = ....well that just sucks.

The food thing is really taking its toll. Today I've had 2 toasted burger buns with Cheese Whiz, 2 Pizza Pops, a coffee, donut, and a few crackers. Clearly I live the life of a king. And by King I mean poor vagrant.

Well, considering it's 4:30 in the AM, I'd best be heading to bed. I've got a long day of starving and large amounts of nothing ahead of me.

Oh, I found my toque. Happy day!

Cheers. (lame, but meh.)

Moment of Zen: There'd better be a ball pit.

14 October 2004

Hooray! Contempt!

My thoughts on the majority of the blogging community exactly:

And with that, my latest post!

My feet are cold, I have no job, and somewhere a dead mouse rots in our vents!
I'll be back later with something real.

Moment of Zen: Megatokyo vs. Something Awful: Nerd battle of the century!

10 October 2004

Big, poofy, and stupid.

Stupid Sarah Garbageface has a blog. It remains to be seen if she actually uses it. Alright< I fucked something up< brb before she notices

08 October 2004

La mer

Mouse Wars: Episode V - the Verminpire Strikes Back.

The goddamn mice have returned.
The second known mouse eliminated one a few days ago,
and while the Humans' victory was a Death Star 1-style success,
it was inevitable that the Verminpire would regroup and attack at the Bipedal
remote base on Hoth. While Human forces aim to retailiate, and will do so with great
swiftness, they need to attack before the Verminpire's still-in-construction Death Star 2 is armed.

The above states two things. One is that we aim to kill the fuckers before they spawn again, and the other is that I'm a huge goddamn nerd.

Click the image to the right, download Firefox. God, I love it far too much. When I get back from Thanksgiving I'll throw out names of the extensions that make me better than you.

I'm out kids, have a good thanksgiving. If you're American, well, have a good Debate, I guess.

Moment of Zen: I'm the lesser of 6 billion evils.

Exciting Zamboni action!

Well children, I've returned. Granted, I'm later than I proposed two days ago, but you know, I feel that I've become a better person in the span between these posts, and really, isn't growing what it's all about? I'm sure that if I could figure out what "it" is, my argument would be far more relevant, but for now, I'll just stop and let you bask in how smart I am.

My PlayStation 2 is dead. Seems Disc Read Errors, also knows as "DREs," are bad things (though a few DREs remain acceptable). Seeing as San Andreas comes out at the end of the month, I was more than a little pissed off when I had to send Osaka off to Sony.

An aside, yes, I name my electronic goods. My recent trend has been naming them after Azumanga Daioh or Haibane Renmei characters.

For example, my PC is named Nemu. She's a mellow machine, doesn't get pissed off often, and, like her profile says, doesn't get sick much. Nemu is the successor of Navi, my old computer named after Lain's computer. Navi, in her day, was a grumpy, touchy, surly piece of silicon.

My cell phone is Yomi. Simple reason, I'm in love with my cell and I'm in love with Yomi. Well, girls like Yomi. Since liking an anime character is, as it were, weird. In some places it wanders into the realm of creepy.

I'd go on, but I'd really rather leave with a few shreds of dignity. Let's just say that my PS2 is named after AzuDai's Osaka, and she's a great friend to my GameCube and GBA SP, both of which have names. Hell, even my router has a name.

Anyhow, back on track: I called Sony and explained to them my problem. Simply, my PS2 was reading nothing, the laser had basically died. I'd heard of this before, and given that my system was one of the first offings of the console (30001, I believe is the model number), I half-expected it. Surprisingly, the support guy was amazingly helpful, and within ten minutes I had myself a fresh email that I was to print out and mail to Sony, along with my PS2, and in return I would get a refurbished machine at no cost. All I had to pay was shipping, and hell, if paying shipping is all I'd have to shell out to get my system (which I purchased cheaper than what it was being sold for at the time), I figured it'd be an acceptable investment. I packed up my PS2, printed the letter, threw my all-banjo cd in the Focus and rolled. 25 bucks and one unsuccessful attempt at hitting on the girl at Mail Boxes Etc., my PS2 was packed all cuddly-like and carried in the loving arms of a UPS delivery guy.

So this is my third day of being PS2less, and I'm starting to flip. I have to wait at least seven to ten business days. I am so full of hot hate, boiling within but never reaching the surface, because getting pissed off will accomplish nothing.

All I can hope for is that she comes back before San Andreas is out. I wouldn't want to have to rent one for the time being.

I had more to write, but I should most likely sleep. So, in a future post, expect more on the following topics!

Politics: Bush and Michael Moore - both men of great power, both big honking liars! Do I care about either? Find out!
Gaming: Nintendo's DS comes out in November - will I buy it? Probably yes! Do I need it? Not so much!; Halo 2 - Will it persuade me to purchase an Xbox? Probably not!
Life: My roommate(s) - is my house turning into Real World: Thorold? Will I get a job? Will I ever stop loving Raisin Bran? Will a female character join the cast? If you answered "no" to at least three of the four questions you either dislike me or you don't understand rhetorical questions.


By the way, stop using Internet Explorer. That's why your computer sucks. Use Firefox.

Moment of Zen: The hypocrites are slandering the sacred halls of truth

05 October 2004

May contain objects.

I'll post something of worth tomorrow. Promise.

Moment of Zen: If I survive, she may too