08 October 2004

La mer

Mouse Wars: Episode V - the Verminpire Strikes Back.

The goddamn mice have returned.
The second known mouse eliminated one a few days ago,
and while the Humans' victory was a Death Star 1-style success,
it was inevitable that the Verminpire would regroup and attack at the Bipedal
remote base on Hoth. While Human forces aim to retailiate, and will do so with great
swiftness, they need to attack before the Verminpire's still-in-construction Death Star 2 is armed.

The above states two things. One is that we aim to kill the fuckers before they spawn again, and the other is that I'm a huge goddamn nerd.

Click the image to the right, download Firefox. God, I love it far too much. When I get back from Thanksgiving I'll throw out names of the extensions that make me better than you.

I'm out kids, have a good thanksgiving. If you're American, well, have a good Debate, I guess.

Moment of Zen: I'm the lesser of 6 billion evils.

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