21 October 2004

The Factory

So it's official, I'm a retard. I was having problems with the links in my blog, so I sent an email to Blogger support outlining my problem. Turns out when you're adding a link, the address prefix of "http://" proves helpful. I'll keep this in mind.

Aside from shows like Unscrewed and The Screen Savers, G4techTV really doesn't have the most impressive programming, especially in Canada. Now it's about quarter to four in the morning, and I've got it on. What are they showing? Apparently the techie equivalent to softcore porn would be showing clips of video game intro CGs from games like Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, BloodRayne 2, and - bizarrely - Tomb Raider 2. Next time I want to see large-breasted volleyball players I'll....well, I won't. I can imagine how in real life that'd be a bit of a hindrance and all. As for BloodRayne, I don't see how a vampire Nazi-killing dominatrix can appear hot, but then again the show is catering to people who can have arguments in the Wookie's native language. Tomb Raider 2 held - for a brief, weak moment in my life - a special place in both my heart and my hard drive, but never did I get any arousal out of the thousand-odd polygons clinging together to form sultry adventurer Lara Croft's enormous bosom.

I have a job interview on Friday, so check the forecast down in hell, Satan. Better get your toque. It's a temp job, but it's a job nonetheless. Toys R Us, electronics/gaming department. God that'll be sweet, provided I get it.

I've been pissing off the people around me with my woes, so I probably won't get into them in any sort of depth here. A small selection of my problems:

-No current job = no money.
-No money = no food or gas.
-No gas = no going home or anywhere really.
-No money also = no booze.
-No money also = no socializing.
-No money also = no new chair to replace the one that broke and almost impaled me.
-No socializing = no potential for meeting girls.
-No meeting girls = ....well that just sucks.

The food thing is really taking its toll. Today I've had 2 toasted burger buns with Cheese Whiz, 2 Pizza Pops, a coffee, donut, and a few crackers. Clearly I live the life of a king. And by King I mean poor vagrant.

Well, considering it's 4:30 in the AM, I'd best be heading to bed. I've got a long day of starving and large amounts of nothing ahead of me.

Oh, I found my toque. Happy day!

Cheers. (lame, but meh.)

Moment of Zen: There'd better be a ball pit.

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