27 April 2004

My fucking leg is covered in WD-40
I don't know what's been up, but I haven't been in the writing mood. I miss the writing mood. It's something that feels great, something inexplicable, and you don't feel rushed or pressured into throwing down some words. I sure don't feel in the writing mood right now, but I'll do my best.

I think one of my reasons for disliking writing is all the shit I had to go through to get this site to look right, seeing as I hate HTML. I mean, I'm capable of doing it, I just don't find it fun. Yet, it has given me a lot of freedom to mess around with the site itself. Problem is, it looks exactly like my fucking Xanga. I think it's time I let go of the Xanga and move on. It's time for a change of format around this blog, and shit, it's going to happen soon-ish.

In the past 2 weeks, I've seen Kill Bill Volume 2 twice, Volume 1 once, and 90% of Pulp Fiction. Am I Tarantino'd out? Shit no.

I've been pondering the idea of getting a tattoo recently. Seeing Donna's henna only drove my want for one even further. Originally, I wanted something along the lines of the outline of Canada filled in with the flag. That's dandy and all, but unoriginal. I want something that's old-school, so I know if I like it now, I'll like it later on. I want something unobtrusive and uninvasive. Something that defines the essence of Dan. I think I've finally hit it:

Classy. Like Samuel L. Jackson classy.

Well, let me know what you think. I'm off for a 150km drive.

This plus this spells HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER!

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16 April 2004

"Right, can't argue with that. Do as he says, bitch. ¬_¬"

Find all stupid quotes (some possibly made by me) here. We're a big lot of idiots over there.

Tonight I'll try to come up with a real update, but for now, I'm off to see Kill Bill Volume 2.

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But the princess is in another castle

This man, Keiichi is the King of the World for a day. This guy will be tomorrow's. Lastly, these guys will be the day after tomorrow's.

I think I play far too many video games.

So, I think I might be getting a job. Given my current state of really fucking poor, this is a good thing. I'll most likely be a bellhop, or in this case a GRAD attendant. Greet....uhm....well, I have the G down. I think. Whatever the hell it's called, I'll be doing valet parking, taking people to their rooms, carrying their luggage, etc. Grunt work that pays well, I suppose. Had myself an interview at 2:30 today. The girl was really nice, yet not saccharine.

I'd still like that job at EB though.

To be honest, I'm not writing too well tonight, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe my desire to play Super Mario Bros. has something to do with it...


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15 April 2004

Open Monday to Friday 8:30 - 4:30

Well, it's about time I get this thing underway. I guess I've finally made the jump from Xanga to here, and it will probably be for the long run. I backed up my old Xanga blog into a Word file, and it's about 2mb of text. About 41,000 words fill up the .doc, it's rediculous.

Gad I look like a bum. I'm sitting here in torn jeans, my Tom Petty '95 tour shirt, and my hair's a rat's nest. I suppose I should start my day soon.

I've got a job interview today at 2. I'd like to get the job, it's kinda mindless, and it'll help me with my...*cough* people-skills. If I get the job, I'll be a bellboy. God that sounds retarded. Hmmm...I need another name. "Head of acquisition and transportation of various business people, and transporter of their luggage." I also get to drive the service shuttle!

I'd still rather work at EB though. Beggars can't be choosers though.

Crap, gotta go help my dad.

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Wan, too, swee, in da pwace to be

Just making sure this blog is working alright. I'll be back in a bit to tweak this post.

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10 April 2004

A superb sampling of mollusks and crustaceans are served at the seafood bar.

It's between 4 and 5am, and I've yet to get to sleep. I've been watching Tech TV and I'm severely disappointed in the show X-Play.

I've been watching it for a few years, since it's birth as Extended Play. Not surprisingly, following the pattern-de-jour, they had to go the "X sounds cool" route, and change their name. It's amazing what the letter X connotes. Used three times in a row, it's either heavy, deadly alcohol, or porn. Separated from its common bedfellow, E, X signifies living life on the edge. X symbolizes everything that is hardcore. Dare I say, X denotes the EXTREME. Or, to make it even more tantalizing, Xtreem!.

Anyhow, I forgot where I was going with that, as it is almost quarter to five. All that said, I'm ticked with X-Play, and they should read EGM for some pointers on how to present games and the game culture.

Oh yeah, I found this just grand:

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

That's right, bow. Bow with good grammar.

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08 April 2004

Got you where I want you

I think this'll have to do for now. Bleh.

Getting closer to a final design.

06 April 2004


I'm not sure if I want to use this yet.