16 April 2004

But the princess is in another castle

This man, Keiichi is the King of the World for a day. This guy will be tomorrow's. Lastly, these guys will be the day after tomorrow's.

I think I play far too many video games.

So, I think I might be getting a job. Given my current state of really fucking poor, this is a good thing. I'll most likely be a bellhop, or in this case a GRAD attendant. Greet....uhm....well, I have the G down. I think. Whatever the hell it's called, I'll be doing valet parking, taking people to their rooms, carrying their luggage, etc. Grunt work that pays well, I suppose. Had myself an interview at 2:30 today. The girl was really nice, yet not saccharine.

I'd still like that job at EB though.

To be honest, I'm not writing too well tonight, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe my desire to play Super Mario Bros. has something to do with it...


Current mood: pixellated

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