10 April 2004

A superb sampling of mollusks and crustaceans are served at the seafood bar.

It's between 4 and 5am, and I've yet to get to sleep. I've been watching Tech TV and I'm severely disappointed in the show X-Play.

I've been watching it for a few years, since it's birth as Extended Play. Not surprisingly, following the pattern-de-jour, they had to go the "X sounds cool" route, and change their name. It's amazing what the letter X connotes. Used three times in a row, it's either heavy, deadly alcohol, or porn. Separated from its common bedfellow, E, X signifies living life on the edge. X symbolizes everything that is hardcore. Dare I say, X denotes the EXTREME. Or, to make it even more tantalizing, Xtreem!.

Anyhow, I forgot where I was going with that, as it is almost quarter to five. All that said, I'm ticked with X-Play, and they should read EGM for some pointers on how to present games and the game culture.

Oh yeah, I found this just grand:

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

That's right, bow. Bow with good grammar.

Current mood: Spiteful

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