15 April 2004

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Well, it's about time I get this thing underway. I guess I've finally made the jump from Xanga to here, and it will probably be for the long run. I backed up my old Xanga blog into a Word file, and it's about 2mb of text. About 41,000 words fill up the .doc, it's rediculous.

Gad I look like a bum. I'm sitting here in torn jeans, my Tom Petty '95 tour shirt, and my hair's a rat's nest. I suppose I should start my day soon.

I've got a job interview today at 2. I'd like to get the job, it's kinda mindless, and it'll help me with my...*cough* people-skills. If I get the job, I'll be a bellboy. God that sounds retarded. Hmmm...I need another name. "Head of acquisition and transportation of various business people, and transporter of their luggage." I also get to drive the service shuttle!

I'd still rather work at EB though. Beggars can't be choosers though.

Crap, gotta go help my dad.

Current mood: complacent

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