14 July 2004

I think he bought a Wookie bowcaster

First thing's first:
Insects are the best free entertainment around.

I was being incessantly harassed by the biggest moth I have ever seen, aside from Mothra, misunderstood, yet ultimately benevolent adversary to equally feared and revered Godzilla. I feel a little sheepish putting myself in the role of Godzilla in this case, but man did I ever take this sucker out. Now, I'm not exaggerating the size of this thing, it was huge. To give you a visual, I call upon Penny Arcade. You all are Kara, loving and irritable spouse of Gabriel, who is confronted by the spider in the linked comic. I, following the comparison, am Gabe. Now, throw away that analogy, because I don't like it any more. The point is, if you're listening to the Samurai Champloo OST, have sprayed a moth with hairspray, and watch it writhe on the floor in agony pain delight, it appears to breakdance. This, friend, was the highlight of my day.

I really need a job. I've been looking online on the Ontario Job Bank, and I'm curious about a lot, and I know it's not that hard to find a job, but there's one problem that plagues me: I'm living in St. Catharines in mid-August. So, getting a job here for a little less than a month would be a waste of my time and that of an employer's. I figure I'll wait to get a job then, but here's the kicker: I'm out of money now. Now I have to go to the bank, find out how much I have in the savings, hope I have substantially more than a grand, take that out, and put as much of it back in as soon as I'm able. I have the Rush concert in August, the CNAnime convention towards September, and I'm being almost peer-pressured into going to Montreal again. Factor in anime, booze, and games, and I'm screwed unless I get a job soon.

Only solution I can see? Get a job in St. Cath's now and move there in the next few weeks.

I hope this post heralds the coming of a new wave of posting on my behalf.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some Samurai Champloo (awesome) and You're Under Arrest! Live Action (awesomely bad) to watch.

Current mood: paaaaaaaperback wriiiiiiiiiterrrrrr

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