28 July 2004

Pretzel. Pretzel. PRETZEL! ON THE COUNTER!

Well plans changed. Again. Odds are my sojourn downtown is cancelled. At least with Sarah in tow it is. Apparently, a boat is more fun than a trip to Toronto. I can understand though, the allure of a boat is nigh impossible to resist. The true temptation of watercraft, it seems, can capture the hearts of almost anyone.

Not me though, I fucking hate water.

Never have liked it. Don't like getting wet, don't like swimming, don't like having to dry off afterwards. Too much hassle for too little reason. Kind of goes against my heritage, what with being half Southern French. Don't even like seafood much.

So anyhow, Sarah's bailed last minute, but I can't say I didn't half-expect it. Claims she's free next week, I believe her. I might still go, Azumanga Daioh Vol. 3 is singing its siren song. You know, the siren song about 5 teenage girls (and a minor) and their disturbingly cute misadventures as they ponce and frolic throughout high school. Yeah, I'm worried too.

I just saw The Bourne Supremacy. Pretty darn good movie, though the SteadiCam work in it was far from being...steady. Stuck somewhat to the book's premise, which surprised me. I'm sad that I didn't get to see more of Marie though.

I've always wanted to be a contract killer. There, I said it. I don't necessarily like the idea of ending lives, so I think if I were one, I'd be a bounty hunter with a heart. I'd hunt people that I know deserve to occupy space below ground. And contract killers always have posh digs. I guess I could be a spy, but then I'd get too paranoid. I don't much trust anyone as it is, so I don't think the spy is the right thing to do. Nope.

Wow, I can't wait for people to take me seriously on that. If you want to know what my real dream job is, it's the humble bird-chaser at the airport. What a noble fellow.

Moment of Zen: If cereal comes with free stuff, it tastes /that/ much better. If it doesn't, you probably have a gym membership. You conceited prick.

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