30 July 2004

And they all melt away, without you, my love

Sometimes our chats on IRC disturb me. Not deeply, but sometimes I wonder why I hang out in these places.

Example: I was talking with my buddy Mosh about his blog, and he told me he wasn't too happy with his skill at HTML:

Mosh_No_Pants: I don't know how to edit it
Mosh_No_Pants: so I can add cool shit like the banner and the purdy colors
zosobaggins: you just need some html loving
Mosh_No_Pants: Sek says the same thing but I am not friends with html
Mosh_No_Pants: Whenever I see html in the hallway, she always gives me the cold sholder or knees me in the groin
zosobaggins: used to happen to me, then I drugged and captured that bitch
Mosh_No_Pants: :O
Mosh_No_Pants: with ball gags?
zosobaggins: no, she didn't need them
zosobaggins: she just began to love me

To give you a more fair description of the people I hang out with online, I did a study and found this:

zosobaggins: "In the course of seven minutes, someone had been raped, Jews were mocked, Nazis praised, Jesus' name was taken in vain, Canada was insulted (and defended) and gay jokes have been tossed about like salad. Good day, and welcome to Forum-M."

Some days I worry.

You may or may not have noticed, but I've changed the blog. Again. Now it's nowhere near a rip-off of Penny Arcade, and though I still love them very much, I decided to go back to an augmented version of the old colour scheme. The new image up top is courtesy of my fellow N-Driver and artist Rei Nasakii. The image(s) in the top right rotate between nine different ones. If you see one with Pikachu sticking out of someone's pants, those are not my pants. Nor my Pikachu. Nor me in any way, shape, or form. I just really like the picture. Pikapantsu~

I got an Air Miles card today. This means I have to go to the Liquor Store far more often than I already do. I can't wait.

Well, I'm off to St. Catharines for the weekend. Stay smart. Stay safe. 
Moment of Zen: Char: " I used to be pretty dumb with computers. But then I found out you can get porn on them. Two years later I was the mod of an internet forum."

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