26 July 2004

Vivat Slovakia!

Well I seem to have a busy week ahead of me.

Today I took the kegs back and got my $100.00 deposit in return. Thus, I feel rich again. Therefore I tried to go find a copy of
Disgaea or Tales of Symphonia. Still tempted to get into Final Fantasy XI, but I vowed to do that only once I get a job. Which shall be soon. So, next month, Zosogoeth the sexy Elvann Thiefgirl roams Vana'diel with reckless abandon.

Tomorrow I was intending on going downtown with Sarah, but that's kind of fallen through. She claims she can't go because she's got a hair appointment at 6. I believe I really must've grabbed something. Grabass or no, I had to reschedule. So, I'm going to Rogers to bitch them out for sucking. And to get them to tweak my cellphone account. That, and I shall try my hand at EB for Disgaea.

Wednesday I have many options. One of the options is to go to this wicked computer shop run by soft-spoken Asian folk. I'm looking to build a new computer into an NES case, so I need to do my homework. Sarah needs to get a new keyboard, so I may have to pick her up one. Hmm. I claimed there were many options. I can't think of anything else I have to do on Wednesday. Sounds like a "catch up on Final Fantasy games Day." I love those days.

Thursday is the rescheduled downtown day. Anime will be purchased, as will bubble tea and street meat. I'm hopefully going to visit Nicole, as I promised I would a while ago and I still haven't made good on that. I get to be the morning/mid-afternoon guy while Sean is at work. Scandalous.

Friday I'm heading to St. Catharines to get a job. The rest of the weekend will be spent drinking, loading furniture into my house, and going to Casino Niagara. It'll be a hoot.

Hmm. Thinking about Disgaea, I think Sarah may have it. I'll try to borrow it from her. Which brings me to an announcement/plea:

If you are a girl who lives within drivable distance from me, play video games, listen to music that I deem good, don't mind someone who is overly opinionated and sarcastic, watch anime, and would rather go to a pub than a club, e-mail me. I want to know if you exist.

Wow, that doesn't sound desparate at all.

I wonder how many people actually read this aside from Christina and Donna. Oh well. Hi to you.

Moment of Zen: If your jaw clicks when you chew, you have grabbed ass in the past twenty-four hours and must immediately be high-fived.

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