27 July 2004

puff, puff, give (black lung remix)

A public announcement: You could be the hottest girl in the world. You could have an awesome personality. You could be the nicest person ever. And then you bust out the lighter and huff in a DuMaurier and fuck everything up. Oh sure, it may feel good at the time, but know what's going to feel good in 30 years? Your fucking hospital bed. Having a smoke is such a weak way to "make everything all better." People claim "oh, but it relieves my stress." Yeah, so do video games, so does talking, so does music, so do lots of things. I call bullshit on smoking as a stress reliever. There're better things to spend your cash on, and better ways to go about killing yourself. Three of the best girls I know inhale the idiot sticks, and one of them I only found out about recently (she also prompted this post, though this isn't totally directed at her). This is pretty much dedicated to them. I hope they're having a good time riding down the respect slide towards idiot land.

Now I'm probably going to be labelled a "cruel, insensitive guy" whose agenda is to only break the fragile souls of the people in my life. Well, give me less things to give you shit for, and I won't be giving you shit for it. I do it because I care, whether people like to believe that or not.

Moment of Zen: If you smell Doritos for a good part of the day, and the smell follows you around, you are either unclean or have sat in Doritos. Check your ass, but nonchalantly.

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