10 January 2005

One, two, three...fourteen?

Don't give me any shit, I've been busy for the past week.

As promised in the last post!

I don't really know what to tell you about my religious beliefs. I don't have many, per se, but what I do have is interest in them. For example, I do believe that at one point over 2000 years ago, Jesus lived and died. Somehow I can't argue that. There's too much evidence of his existance, his being has changed the world far too much to think that he never existed. As for his miracles, that's a different story. When the world is in turmoil of any sort, they turn to one person to bring some shred of sanity to an insane society. I feel that Jesus was no different than Mother Theresa or Ghandi. A person who stood up for their beliefs, someone who was so devoted to their cause that it'd prove dangerous to their own well-being. I feel that Jesus did exactly what he felt needed to be done, standing up for the weak, and - albeit paying the ultimate price - succeeding.

As for the Da Vinci Code (I know that should be italicized, but I'm on a Mac right now, and blogger doesn't seem to take too kindly to this...), it as well shares some of my sentiments towards Christianity. It would be almost silly to think that Jesus was completely disinterested and avoided "carnal sins," or that he - God forbid - didn't desire to marry. Historically, the "sacred union" of marriage was a social must, both men and women during the time of Christ were looked down upon were the not wed. I am no heretic, mind you. I was baptised a Protestant and raised with a Roman Catholic slant (Ireland wouldn't know what the hell to do with me, eh?), and I'm not about to throw away either of those in order to shed any religious affiliation I may be accused of, good or bad. I just strongly believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene, both of royal lineage, wed. After Jesus' Crucifixion Mary fled to the south of France, where I like to believe that the bloodline of Christ Himself could potentially still run.

Just wanted to put that out there. Send hate mail or something, I'd love some intelligent bantering (sorely missing that in my day).

The Two Saints mentioned in my last post are simple. St. Catharines, where I'm going to go back to Brock University for 2 or 3 years, and St. George, as in the University of Toronto Campus where I'll finish off my academic career. I figure if I'm going into the banal elitism of Film school, then why not do it with gusto?

Maybe I'll wear a silly hat.

Moment of Zen: I've got a car, I've got some gas, oh let's get out of here, get out of here fast

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