10 February 2005

Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane

Alright, I'm forcing myself to post. See, what I've never liked about blogging, be it here or during my Xanga days, was the sense of obligation towards this stupid thing. Like you really want to hear about my life, what I buy, and how awesome I am.

Oh well, here goes.

In my absence, I've left home after the Christmas break, finished up work at the Farm Service and hooked myself up with a gig at EB. Thereby explaining the Nintendo DS lanyard featured in the picture below. And no, I don't wear it outside of work. Much.

As for the job, I'm digging it quite a bit. The guys I work with are all pretty decent folk, albeit a strange lot. I guess I can't say I wasn't expecting it though, what with being nerds and all. Can't fault them for being what I am, I suppose. The pay isn't great, but meh, it's a job that I can actually say I'm enjoying. This is not a normal occurance, so I'd better hang around for as long as I can, I guess.

There's a more favourable aspect of working there (or less favourable, depending on how you input this). Half the time I come back from work I look like this:

I really shouldn't be spending the money, but some days it's far too tempting. Other days I don't buy anything, I just put money down on things I likely don't need.

I guess that's enough for link whoring, I sell enough games during the day. There goes that sense of obligation again.

I've got the Griffin iTrip for Maho, but I'm getting rid of it. It works just fine, except that since I live so close to the border I get a lot of cross-mojonation with the signal, so it's basically useless for me. If anyone who reads this wants to buy it off me, drop me a line. What I'm going to do instead is get a new deck, which, while sounding pretty major just so I can let Maho play in the car, is a necessity anyhow. My stock deck is starting to crap out, and not pleasing me in the least.

Oh, while I'm thinking about it, I got Zelda: The Minish Cap a while ago, it slipped my mind. Likely because I beat it in two days. Great game, though.

I've recently been listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, something I will be mocked severely by certain parties for. I still don't like Billy, Christina. I'm just catching up on things I missed in the past ten years, don't get too excited. And I can't get "Today" out of my head.

Happy Chinese New Year, with aid of random Chinese baby!

I've got to get up somewhat early tomorrow, I'd best call it a night. Sorry for filler, and the lack of content. Don't tell me I never give you anything though.

Moment of Zen: There are days when waking up is the best and worst thing you could do.


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