27 May 2005

I just can't get there with these dirty shoes

"Few days" wasn't the best choice, I guess. Today's post is a bit of a mixed bag, some things neat, some less so.

Work's been going well, finally getting paid today. Not particularly exciting, as all of my funds are going towards the "Dan needs to live and pay bills" fund.

If anyone actually does read this, they may or may not know that in Los Angeles last week E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) was held. If you don't play video games, you do not give a fuck about the rest the next few paragraphs. I'll let you know when it's all over.

Anyhow, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Revolution (Nintendo's next generation system...you remember Nintendo, right?) were all debuted. Well, technically the 360 was debuted on the 11th on MTV, but that was pretty much to placate their bonehead core audience. God love the Madden/Halo dipshits, if it weren't for them I probably wouldn't have stories to relate when I came home from work.

The 360 looks like an amalgam of a Mac and the Dell PoS units we have at EB. Now, the shape of a system really is what makes the console, much like the colour of a guitar affects its sound. Which is to say, not at all. I still think, though, that old Microsoft could have come up with something better than their "sucked in cheeks" box (MS' words, not mine). The controller looks like someone left a Dreamcast pad near the oven for too long, but then I've never liked MS' controllers, PC or otherwise. Their projected backwards compatibility idea is absofuckinglutley ridiculous. Microsoft, charge me $300 for a faulty OS. Force 3/4 of my friends to use MSN so I have to keep it on my computer. Have cables that burn carpets. Fine. Just do not make some games backwards compatible and some not, you cashgrabbing fucks. Not that I care much, as I hate Halo and can't see any other reason why I should own an Xbox over a PS2 or GameCube. Time will tell, I guess. For me, the 360 is really a wait-and-see thing.

The PS3, in terms of looks, is fucking hilarious. It looks like a chunk off of Amidala's Naboo cruiser, for shit's sake. Oh, sure, it's the most powerful and promising of the new three systems, but Sony could have come up with something that looks less like a building in the 50's view of the future, and more like...oh, an entertainment console? I'm worried if Sony throws out their shitty new controller design that it'll just come right back and end up in the box with my $500+ system. Also, the Spiderman font I don't understand. Why choose a font that even Idiot McEveryguy automatically associates with Spidey? Sony wipes their ass with money, no one will care if they reuse the current PlayStation font. I wouldn't.

I'm not going to get into the Revolution much, since no one really knows too much about it. I will say that the DS has been enjoying ridiculous sales (which surprises me, I never sell them), and now that they've figured out how to run Linux on the thing I expect this to help quite a bit. Also, the Game Boy Micro is the most hilarious excuse for a cash grab ever, but more power to Nintendo for trying.

This sort of wraps up what I wanted to say about video games. Non-gamers, I'm done. You can continue reading now.

I've been writing again. Found some old crap I was working on about a year ago, kind of lame. World War 2 stuff, but I'm not gonna get into here. I'm also kicking around a bit of a script thing that's kind of set up the way High Fidelity was, but I think I might just throw it to paper in the form of a comic. Who knows. There's money to be made in the indie comic scene, so it might be worth my while. Putting this to drawings might prove difficult, but I'm up for it:

"When you're starting to see someone or you catch yourself digging someone, your music tastes change, ever so slightly. You might catch yourself listening to shit you normally wouldn't, or are normally too depressed to put on. You, time, the songs, they all slow down, and you smile as you toss on the headphones and think about nothing and everything. Oh, sure, it sounds lame, but you do it. If you don't admit it, you're just lying to yourself. Let me paint the picture for you: You're listening to Weezer. Blue album. Your mind drifts to the person you're thinking of, right? So, are you going to listen to Buddy Holly? No. There aren't any homies to diss your girl, since she's not your girl yet. You can't imagine anyone fronting, or wondering why they're so vi-o-lent. You're not going to listen to No One Else, unless you've misinterpreted the lyrics and figure that Rivers Cuomo was talking about a nice guy and a nice girl and their nice relationship. You might have some problems with this song, my suggestion is to read up on that one.

No. The song you're going to listen to is Only In Dreams. You know that feeling you get when you're in Costco and you grab some eggs, and almost drop the bastards because your brain became an omlette thinking of her? Or when you're gassing up, try hitting $15.00 and you get $17.33 and curse her? That song describes the shit you're going through. She's everywhere, everything, and even is between molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide."

Oh shits, I'm off to work.

Moment of Zen: I find it funny that Third Eye Blind's gayest sounding song is "Just Want To Be Your Friend"

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