14 June 2004

There's someone in my head but it's not me

This should be interesting.

First off, the last post was a bit of a farce, I didn't have time left on my internet card to explain what it was about. In Toronto, before flying to Europe, I picked up a bottle of Jack Daniel's. I carried it with me for a few days until I accidentally left it in Calais. I figured that was the end, but my dad decided to drive back to Calais to get it, so we did. We then drove down the length of France, through northern Spain, and finally to Provence in the south of France. I went to the trunk to find a bottle of water, and when I opened the trunk I heard a sort of CNSHH and found my bag with the JD on the ground. Never fucking fails.

Anyhow, my trip. I'm sitting here in this internet cafè in Marseille, France, whilst visiting family. Thing is, I can't really visit, as my ability to speak French has pretty much inexplicably gone down the shitter. I try, and I can make basic conversation, but sometimes I screw up and my dad mocks me, then I shut my trap. Doesn't work too well. I swear to god, if I wasn't leaving in 9 days, I'd go apeshit. Being able to speak English to only one person in limited amounts is fucking unamusing. If it wasn't for my temporary escape to the internet, I'd really go nuts.

I've got some emails to write, back in a few days, if I can.

Later folks
Current mood: headache, French

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