17 December 2004

Three parts left

So, I'm laughing fairly hard right now. I was just skimming the Blogger main page and found that most of the staff's posts are either blowing hot air up the asses of Bloggers whose egos are already inflated past max, or promoting books that teach you how to Blog better. I mean, of course Blogger/Google is a company, and they're out to get the money of the lesser-minded (who, curiously, think they're on a higher plane), but honestly, why books on Blogging? How is this so different from writing in a diary or a journal, albeit now with hyperlinks?

The whole book thing is a farce. The point of Blogs, as I see it, is an outlet for you to divulge to others events that are important to you. Beyond that, I see it as a way for one to practise their own writing skills, to hone and perfect them, as it were. So why get a book telling you how to write what you want? You have problems with your grammar? Get a book on that. You have problems with HTML? There are places that can help. Don't get a catch-all fool's book on Blogging. People will start thinking it's a respectable form of communication beyond the new-age yuppie's method of self ass-patting.

I suppose I understand that Blogging could be a tool for meeting like-minded people, but I'm not sure how much I'd like to meet people off of here based on a few paragraphs I like.

I'll be back later, have to go to work.

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