07 December 2004


Well it's been a right long time since I've posted anything worthwhile...well, I haven't posted anything worthwhile since the inception of this blog, but I digress.

Life continues on, albeit at the most boring pace imaginable. Gaming is dull, since I've beat most of what I own, and the ones I'm stuck in bore me. I still don't have a job, and I'm not going to get into that. A girlfriend'd be nice, but I've got no fucking idea where to start. I'm not one for the bars, and most of the girls I've met at bars I'm not interested in anyhow. I don't know, I'm just fucking bored.

We're building an ice rink in the backyard this year, which should be neat. We're really banking on our lawn being level, we've just measured by eyeballing it.

...fuck, I'll finish this later. Starving.

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