28 November 2004

I can't close my eyes and make it go away...

The drive for a Christmas iPod has begun, so upon the fridge I've posted this:

iPod, Lovely iPod

by Daniel Berger, Esq.
(with help from Bono)
sung to the tune of U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

I saw on the internet today,
Daniel wants the U2 iPod Christmas Day

How long,
How long can he play the songs?
The battery life is very lon-o-o-ong

‘Cause that night,
He can upload them all,
Thaaat niiiight

Broken CDs under the car seat
Will be no more, the iPod keeps it neat
No more scratched-up discs at all,
‘Cause he'll back them up,
On iPod he'd back up them all

iPod, lovely iPod...
iPod, lovely iPod...

And the downloads have begun,
There is no cost, for songs like U2's "One"
The iPod's got no moving parts,
So if he drops it there'll be no broken hearts

iPod, lovely iPod...
iPod, lovely iPod...

How long,
How long does it take to get songs?
Not long, not lo-o-o-ng...

And it comes with iTunes,
It’s a program that is quite nifty,
And though the price is somewhat high,
You'll eat and drink and forget it with a sigh

iPod, lovely iPod...
iPod, lovely iPod...

U2 iPod~

back later with substance...


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