04 November 2004

So, Bush won. Good for him. Don't expect any praise for him from my side of the border, much less from me. I had this elaborate plan to take a shitpile of people to the Niagara River, brandishing Canadian flags and flipping off the States in silence. After a bit of deliberation, I decided that doing so would be a waste of time and would accomplish nothing. What can we really do? Oh sure, we can go to a large city and protest and pretend we're all instilling change by hooting and hollering and yelling about our discontent...but does this accomplish anything? Maybe if this were 1968, but now? Not so much. Bitch, moan, complain all you want, if you're unhappy with the Bush administration, go do something about it, but make that something worthwhile. Are you going to find time to be another Ghandi, fasting yourself to near death to prove a point, or are you enjoying your plentiful food and living conditions too much? Are you going to be a burning monk? Are you a person who would stand up to a tank? Or would you rather hope for a saviour to show out of the ranks to do the dirty work for you? Sure, you may have a firm grasp on the teat of someone like Michael Moore, but he's no saint, no messiah, and no answer to the problem. He and a handful of other sycophants have given a faint glimmer of hope to Gen-J, that is, the Jaded Generation - those individuals who will blindly despise one leader or figurehead (in this age, Bush), cling to an ideal fed to them by the truth-stretching sycophants who abuse their media image to further their own delusional beliefs, and don't open their minds to anything that might tip them a millimetre closer to the right. For example, for the most part it is universally agreed that the war in Iraq is bad. Of course it is, it was a farce, a cover, and a waste of time. The Jaded Generation believes "It's bad! Get out of Iraq! You don't belong there!" An understandable school of thought, albeit one that only reaches the fifth grade. You have to secede from the extreme left just a little bit to realize that once you step in shit it takes some effort to wash it off.

Nah, I'm not going any further, rambling is boring now. Point is, Bush has four more years, for better or for worse (more than likely the latter). Do something about it or don't complain. Accomplish something.

Moving on...

I've been getting back into the writing scene, a little bit of this and that. Starting work on a script for a movie I'll never make, doing scripts and layouts for the comic that Rei and I have to start (for the third time), and a couple of short story things that I've been meaning to kick out for a while now. I'd get more in-depth about them, I'll save that for another time.

For next time:
Why Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine character is the greatest any man could ever be, and why Ingrid Bergman's Ilsa is the epitome of female beauty.

Moment of Zen: Man walks along the railroad track, he's going someplace and there's no turning back...

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