14 November 2004


Quick post that wouldn't fit in the chatterbox:

Sean, you seem to think my post is an attack on you, when it's not. My blog is here so I can hone my writing skills, something very important to me. In that respect, I don't see the problem in the expressing of - god forbid - my complaints, no, my musings, on current events. I knew full well that what I wrote would get a rise out of some people, and if you want to believe that it was a sole attack on you, then that's your hangup. Being immersed in the university culture while having the ideals that I do is difficult, and don't think that you're the only one who gives me guff about how I think. Not everyone in school so strongly believes that Moore is the messiah as much as you do, most believe in him because it's the in thing to do. I very much respect your stance on the subject, it's what you believe in and you've obviously gone through a fair bit of deliberation to come to the conclusion that you've reached, so why can't you deliver the same respect unto me?

My posts in the chatterbox are not an attack on your "e-"masculinity, but it becomes again a matter of respect. You've got a point to make, and should you do it anonymously it falls into the realm of obscurity and nears the border of cowardice. And while my blog is an obviously flawed, biased, and self-important repository of swill, I do believe in what I write and I stand firmly beside every single word that I have written since I've started it.

I suppose what I'm most curious about is what you're attempting to argue about in the first place. We're on the same side at the core, anti-Bush. Just because I don't subscribe to the ideals of Moore makes me an inferior, and - I've been told - "uneducated and uninformed" individual? And although I believe that Farenheit 9/11 is a 2 hour high-school quality cry for attention from a money-mongering egotist, it doesn't mean I don't share your core beliefs. You know me better than that. So basically, I'm asking you to drop it. You're not going to change how I think about it, nor I you. And if you want to talk to me about it in a more civil environment, let's do it over a pint, not over the digital pissing-match grounds here.

Moment of Zen: Katamari Damacy (PS2) is fucking excellent.

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