12 November 2004

Hibernate, eh?

My computer and I are at odds. She sees winter coming and, not unlike a woodland bear curling up into a fuzzy 400-pound man-killer, she enters hibernate mode. The difference is that a bear would be roused out of sleep by an irate human being yelling obscenities at it, where Nemu just sits complacently and does nothing. And though it is tempting to bring out a firearm in this case, you wouldn't shoot a bear if it was sitting atop all of your music, anime, and documents simply because the carcass would be very tough to move and the stuff under him would probably get gross and possibly maggoty. While the maggot-laden carcass is a far cry from the metal and plastic retard preschooler that is Nemu, it would still be a hassle to get my crap out of her.

That said, I should be back online hopefully tonight. Hell, I might even craft a real post. But for now, I've got to go get some coffee.

Moment of Zen: Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca is the pinnacle of female beauty.

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