19 November 2004

The only stickler has resigned

Today I will craft a story using images! However, they're images of text, so you're still going to have to read. Isn't that exciting?

The following pictures are from IRC today. Sometimes you're privy to some of the funniest articles...and then there are the times when things aren't so grand. I love it far too much, but for what reason I really don't know.

Oh, and there they all seem to think I'm a huge alcoholic. I wonder what gave them that silly idea?

Now, in my defense, I haven't been drunk since last Friday. Last Friday was an adventure indeed. Almost a Friday worthy of Ice Cube in a starring role, but not quite. We had planned to go bar-hopping, as it were, and we decided to pre-drink. Well, I had no idea about this pre-drinking plan, and I had no booze, so enter Julie with her generous giving of vodka. I'm not one to turn down free alcohol, so I drank with reckless abandon. Half a bottle of vokda and 45 minutes later I was pretty good to go, thus, to town we went. One sketchy establishment and a pint of Steamwhistle later, I felt quite ready to go home. I don't recall the space between leaving whichever bar we were at and keeling over the toilet and just going for a gold. I was puking like champion, to be honest. At least the saving grace was that the booze was free and I didn't have a huge hangover the next day.

Seems I must have been on IRC at some point that night though...they mock me. Oh, and contrary to what my Finnish friend Gabriel says, I never signed him up for gay porn. That'd be childish...although I do find it quite hilarious.


...I'd better stop it there and explain myself. Our resident hamster and my personal muse, Hammy, has passed on. About two weeks ago he was having breathing problems and had an extraordinarily large tumor on his side, and a few days later he was found lying peacefully in his cage atop a pile of shavings. I was at home when he passed, and when I returned I had assumed that he'd been buried.

Seems that wasn't the case. To this day a hamster resides in our freezer, for preservation purposes.

Now, before you bitch at me about this decision, realize that it wasn't my decision to make, it was Eric's, his owner. So, we've been waiting to bury him on a day when we're all present. When I stated in IRC that today was the day, that was because I thought tonight was to be the ceremony...but that isn't the case. Other things came up, thus delaying the funeral. So, it's been bumped back to Sunday.

Oh, and as for the viking burial? I'm pushing for it to be at the Lake (Ontario), but the other guys don't seem too keen on it. I just have to make the boat seaworthy. Yeah, I've spent a little too much time on the boat, but meh, I don't have much else to do.

More IRC-ness follows, more hamster banter included.

Half-Life 2...I think I may just be swayed to buy it. That is, if Nintendo doesn't manage to send their sultry temptress, the DS, over to my house, begging me to touch and fondle it in ways I'm not at liberty to write about here.

This is provided I can find money by then.

Oh, and I've two more images that strike close to home:

and this one very much so:

It hurts. It hurts a lot.

Moment of Zen: "He's really cold and hard, but he's still fuzzy!" - Eric, in reference to Hammy.

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