06 August 2006

I'm no Superman


I shall rip off an idea from a random blog:

Four Jobs I've Had
  • Slacker at a small-town video store
  • Fire-avoider (and occasional "Oh, shits, you mean your truck doesn't take diesel?"-er) at a gas station
  • Discontented alphabetizer at Blockbuster
  • Customer Relations and Sales Associate (read: retail slave) at EB Games

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Jurassic Park
  • Empire Strikes Back
  • Dazed and Confused

Four Places I Have Lived
  • Nobleton
  • Brock Residence
  • Thorold (Yeah!)
  • St. Catharines

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
  • Scrubs
  • Lonely Planet/Globe Trekker/Pilot Guides (depends on the carrier)
  • Restaurant Makeover (Shit, I don't know)
  • Futurama (Which, thankfully, is returning in 2007)

Four Places I have Been on Vacation (and would like to return to)
  • Provence
  • Paris
  • Morocco
  • Spain

Four of My Favourite Dishes
  • My delicious grilled sandwich: stale baguette, olive oil, salami or dried ham, and love. Don't even attempt to create it, you can't.
  • Any time Elaine makes anything (I know it sounds expected, but seriously, not bad for a caker. It tastes great, and I am also lazy.)
  • Street meat in Toronto (fun fact: do NOT Google "street meat")
  • Paella and pastis with my family in France

Four Favourite Drinks (I will narrow this to beer)

Four Favourite Drinks (This one is liquor! HOORAY)
  • 007's martini (dry vermouth/gin, shaken...)
  • Pastis (cut with lots of water. Otherwise, she induces the vomiting quite rapidly)
  • This crazy orange stuff my cousins make (one shot makes you warm, two knock you on your ass, likely due to the medicinal alcohol in it...)
  • Grey Goose, straight (Stolichnaya will do in a pinch)

Four Websites I Visit Daily
  • digg.com
  • joystiq.com
  • en.wikipedia.org
  • various friends' blogs (which, admittedly, I do not read as much as they deserve...sorry)

Four Things I Should Be Doing Instead Of This
  • Finding Elaine a birthday present (shit!)
  • Dishes
  • Sleeping
  • Writing a proper post, rather than a cop-out list thing

I choose number three, and you get this.

Good night, children.

Moment of Zen: You got your love online, you think you're doin' fine, but you're just plugged into the wall.

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