07 August 2007

Get that thing I sent ya?


We haven't spoken in earnest for some time, it seems. I've been rather busy and I'm finding it hard to reason posting anything here anymore. A lot of stuff has happened since...shit, April was the last time I posted. Here's a quick rundown:

In May...I think I worked a lot in May. I don't really remember. I had my bachelor party at the end of May and got food poisoning from Kelsey's and ruined everyone's night. I was on my third beer, I don't puke from that, let alone all flipping night. So, to all who attended, sorry about that.

In June I got married. Cliches be damned, it was the happiest day of my life. I didn't really see a reason to blog about it, because everyone that would read about it was there anyhow. If anyone has pictures, though, I'd like some copies. Thanks.

We went to Disney World in Florida for our honeymoon, which was a really great break from the day-to-day. After being there - after being anywhere - it's hard to come back to St. Catharines, to a retail job, and to a messy apartment. We're doing OK though.

June also had my birthday. Hooray for me.

July...July...I worked a lot in July. What the shit else did I do in July...? Man, I don't know.

Now it's August. Elaine's birthday's soon and my parents are coming down today. Apple is having a big product announcement and it had better include a new iPod, because mine's a brick.

I'm thinking of changing the link to this blog, or at least coming up with an easier-to-maintain format for it. I don't like the layout, colouring, or anything about it really. I might blog about our prep for going to Europe in the spring, we'll see.

I have to blitz clean the apartment. Wish me luck.

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alex said...

Well here's some good luck with the cleaning! not sure how often you check msgs on ur blog, but keep in touch. I know you're busy but hey, it's good for you :p.