10 August 2007


Almost a full year since I came up with the idea of the Coin Roll Cable Holder Thing I put the idea up on Instructables and lo and behold, the idea gets noticed. It's strange seeing yourself on another blog somewhere, and realizing that people actually like your idea. It's a weird feeling, especially when it's on one of the sites that I frequent (Lifehacker, by way of Apartment Therapy). It's pretty rad getting a little recognition, even if it's only on the internets. Unless that recognition is a guy calling you Harry Potter, then it's back to therapy for me...at least he said I was smart.

So yeah, go read Lifehacker and Apartment Therapy. They know where the fresh is at. 4realz.


Nasakii said...

Dude!! You're totally famous now! Can I be you're limo driver?? Seriously tho, I've ran across you're article in random places just browsing!

The Merry Prankster said...

Sweet man! Being Famous is the shit. Why not just jump to it and get the ball rolling lets say with. . .something amazing like...i dunno how to beat the coin roll thingy. . .shit.