19 September 2004

Live from Thorold, it's Sunday afternoon

It's been a right honking long while since I last posted drivel of any sort of real length. I suppose I should have at it, since I'm in the mood for writing at this very moment - no doubt a phenomenon that's soon to change.

I still don't have a job, but who honestly didn't see that coming? I almost got a job, though, at a telemarketing place. In theory it would've been the greatest place to work: anonymous heckling of people I may or may not know or care about. The application process had three hurdles for me to jump, the first and second being a test and interview, both of which I passed easily. The third was a little more difficult. My boss-to-be was to call me so we could stage a mock sale, a roleplay of sorts. I already had the following information:

You are calling a businesswoman in her late twenties, she is single and has 2 other credit cards. When you call her she expresses interest in the card (she likes the idea of travel benefits, as she frequently travels for work), but has hesitations. She already has 2 credit cards and is unsure that she wants to take another, she feels her budget is tight enough and does not want to stretch it anymore.

Which was fine. I figured I could sell this lady another card. And then came the actual call:

"Ok, there're a few changes to the profile of our lady. She's not a business woman, she's working two jobs to support her two kids, her husband left her and is nowhere to be found, and is heavily in debt."

Right. I'm supposed to sell a poor lady something that I know will drive her further into the ground?

No. Even I'm not that heartless. I finished the sale (and didn't get her to buy the card, for the record), and told her that I wasn't interested.

Maybe I'll try the pet store.

I've been eating so much barbecue recently, it's fucking silly. We bought a box of 40 No-Name burgers for $7.99, and you can imagine their size at that price. You remember the whole "Where's the Beef?" thing from the 80s? Well, it's like that, but instead of mocking McDonalds, we mock ourselves and our welfare.

Our barbecue reminds me a lot of the furnace from Home Alone. Large, black metal, and it can kill you. It has a nice habit of shooting flames out of the bottom of the unit. I'm not a barbecue designer by any means, but were I to develop one, you can be sure that I wouldn't let fire touch the source of fuel outside of the unit itself (read: the propane tank).

At least it has a bun warming rack.

I've been feeling decidedly Gen-X recently, which prompted me to buy some albums that I never had/used to have in the 90s.

Pearl Jam's Live on Two Legs has always been one of my favourite discs that I didn't own, a claim Kevin could probably support since I always put his copy on in the car. Every track is great, the band's musically tight. Daughter has a few lines from Neil Young's Rockin' in the Free World, Given to Fly is in its best recorded form (and I still maintain that Vedder's voice follows Robert Plant's stylings in Zeppelin's Going to California), and Do The Evolution is probably the most angry you'll hear Eddie get. God, it's a great record.

I never really got into the Foo Fighters, but since the album was cheap I picked up The Colour and the Shape. Pretty darn good record, never realized the amount of singles that sprang from it. I don't care what people say about Dave Grohl, he's a fucking hoot.

Lastly, the barrage of Our Lady Peace on the radio had made me yearn for a new copy of my once-favourite album, Clumsy. Yeah, I was quite a misled kid, but in my defence it isn't such a bad album. 4am still makes me feel like a sissygirl, even though the lyrics are as genuinely sad as watching Nokia's N-Gage fail miserably (which is sad on the surface, but inside you feel warm and fuzzy.) Oh, and Automatic Flowers makes me grin, if only to piss off one person.

I'm trying to get some classes going in January - less than a month into school and I already feel like I'm missing out. Once I get a job I imagine that'll change, but for right now I'll have to pacify myself with sitting in the caf with all of my drawing gear out and picking up the nerd girls. It will work, I'm sure of it. Mmmm...nerd girls.

Time to hit the shower, and to get ready, because I'm going to a - get this - barbecue tonight.

Peace outside.

Moment of Zen: Too much protein, not enough bran.

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