03 September 2004

Lost belongings

Hark! An update!


So since the last post I've done a fair share of things: saw Rush, hit CNAnime, packed my stuff, left for "school." I quote school because I'm not really at school, I'm just taking up space in the computer lab right now. Let's hear it for academic probation, or as I like to say, acacdemnation. I don't really like to say that, as it is rather awkwards anyhow.

Rush was great. Maybe a little too many "hits" from the 80s, but meh, who am I to complain? Lots of drunken yahoos there, and it smelled very much like Otto's jacket. I'm not eating street meat any more though, unless it's Kosher. Props to the Jews.

The anime con was a hoot. I'll get my report, one second.

Well, day one of CNAnime is complete, and I'm bloody tired. I didn't even stay long. Converse All-Stars aren't great footwear for cons, it seems.

Sarah and I got to the con at about 11. I had no idea when it started, as I didn't bother checking, so we were there early. Very early. The con didn't start until 4:00. I pondered many a thing while in line, the most perplexing being "Why, when in large numbers, do nerds smell like oatmeal?".

Anyhow, I got in pretty quickly, we were about the 20th pair to be let in. Booked it straight to the Geneon booth, scored plenty of free crap, then proceeded to mill about aimlessly for a few hours.

Time came for Yoshitoshi ABe (Haibane Renmei, Lain, etc.) and Yasuyuki Ueda (ABe's producer) to autograph crap, so I got crap autographed. I high-fived ABe and rocked out with Takayuki Karahashi (the translator). I say "rocked out" but I mean "nodded my head to the beat as he played his ukelele." He's a cool fellow though.

Day 2 began with us almost dying on the 400, but I won't get in to that. Let's just say under-the-limit hydroplaning is a surprise.

There was a panel with ABe and Ueda that we went to, sat in line for a while to get to it, but in the end it was worth it. We almost sat in the Sailor Moon voice actors' panel, but we left when we found out it sucked. I didn't end up buying anything on Saturday, Sarah got Cowboy Bebop Disc 1. The masquerade was less entertaining than last year's, but some things were alright. Vash and the "glomp me" sign for example. (pictures will follow)

The 3rd day (Sunday) was a nice day, so less chance of dying on the road. Which was good.

There was another panel with ABe and Ueda about their production processes. I gave both of them a present, 2 bottles of Canadian, 2 mini bottles of maple syrup and a mini flag. They dug it, methinks. ABe talked about the syrup in his site (I think).

(free) Crap I got:
Geneon Preview DVD
Appleseed fan thing
Sticker sheets with R.O.D. TV, Gad Guard, Gungrave, Ikkitousen, Dokkoida!, and Stellvia stickers.
Fighting Spirit moist towelettes (...)
Tehxnolyze lithograph signed by ABe and Ueda
my cover of Haibane Renmei DVD 1 signed by ABe and Ueda

Crap I bought:
Dante and Randal Clerks Inaction Figures (black, white, and cheap! WOO!)
Azumanga Daioh DVD 4
Haibane Renmei Wallscroll (the one with Rakka, and it's green)

Oh, and since I'm too lazy to retell this story from the day, here's a copy/paste from IRC:

I saw a table today, two girls drew commissions, and all they were drawing was Yaoi. They had a sign "zomg we draw Yaoi!" and I'm not spelling it wrong. I asked if they could draw me some yuri, and they said no and for me to go away. Bigots.

Here's my gallery with pictures from the con. They're backwards, so start at page five if you want to see them in any semblance of order.

Like I said, I'm posting from the fishbowl/computer lab at school, which is kind of bizarre seeing as I'm not any sort of student. Well, I will be in another 52 weeks, but for now I have jobs to find.

Peace outside.

Moment of Zen: So many ants, so many ants, so many ants...

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