07 September 2004

A monster to be piloted by the unwitting Shinji!

Sweet Jesus, moving is a hassle. Three other fucking people in my house and the day that my landlord needs one person to be there no one is. It's such a fucking farce. I'm at home right now gathering my router so we can all enjoy the internet in Thorold, and the other guys took last night to get shitfaced and this morning to get hungover and go other places. For fuck's sake, now I have to drive 150km in a mad fucking dash to get back to the house because the landlord has only my cell number, so if no one lets anyone in, then I get in shit. I should enter Child and Youth Studies because I'm running a fucking day care here.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes out next month. I am filled with boundless glee and numerous other intangible substances. I read on IGN that Rockstar is tied with Interscope Records, and after skimming their list of a few names they've got, the soundtrack looks to potentially kick ass. I threw together a list of bands that might show simply based on my hopes and blatant guesses:

2pac, Bryan Adams, Beck, Chris Cornell, Counting Crows, Dr. Dre, Peter Gabriel, Garbage, Guns n' Roses, Jurassic 5, Marilyn Manson, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, sonic youth, gwen stefani, sting, u2, wallflowers, weezer.

Yeah, some aren't really my bag, but in terms of 90s nostalgia, I'm all for a few shitty ones here and there.

Well, I'd better be off to battle in the face of ineptitude.

Here's this, it's fucking great.

Moment of Zen: One cannot live off a 2L bottle of flat Coke for a week, but one sure can try.

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