20 April 2005

Eight-bit music is still music

Back in St. Catharines, got lots of packing to do for next week. Ergo, short post today.

I'm a fan of finding pictures of unrelated people who look like each other. I also enjoy comparing them with said pictures, for all to see. I've done it before, once or twice. And while I didn't come up with this image of the new Pope, I appreciate the research that went into creating it. I also find it hilarious.

I'm totally getting smited for that.

As for the Pope himself, I've been semi-following Pope-a-thon 2005. Ratzinger will have an uphill battle trying to follow in the footsteps of JP2 (which, for the Rhodes Scholars out there, is not Jurassic Park 2). I feel sorry for him though, a lot of the pundits out there are calling him a transitionary Pope. Yes, the man is old, but he's still on the ball and relatively healthy. Give the guy a chance.

Whistler, of the Megatokyo Forums, said of Benedict upon his appearance on the balcony:
"He came out and waved with both hands. That is a good sign, being German and all."
I laughed.

Empties Day was last week. For the perhaps one person who reads this and doesn't live in Ontario, we're given $0.10 on every empty beer bottle we return to The Beer Store, the cleverly-titled, Government-run beer provider. Our rough count was around 22 2-4s, somewhere around 580 bottles. The return process was fun. Only in Canada, I think, would people understand if you've got your 4-ways on, a trunk full of empties, and driving 20kph in a 60 zone. What a great country this is. Oh, by the by, photographic evidence of our lovely day.

I have next to no love for theatre, silly singing and prancing, and basically stage-bred pretention, but these people deserve a large award, possibly crafted of clay and encrusted with shiny bits.

This guy is sometimes funny.

Dinosaurs, though, are always funny.

Moment of Zen: T-Rex, we're going to sneak into bed with you tonight! We'll be like - "Hello T-Rex"

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