14 April 2005

Neat things

Bitch, bitch, bitch. It's been a long while, I know. Alright, a long while. But there you are, and here I am.

Our internet was down for a few days this past week, which is one reason I will attribute to my delay. The reason for this, not unlike the last time our internet was down, was a mouse. Chewed through our phone cable, really did a number on it. I had no idea that the mouse had done his thing, so in the clamour to regain connection, I called Bell, who promptly sent us a new modem. This one has little feet, and is admittedly cute. Go modem go.

Work's been alright, albeit a little bit lagging. I really could use some more hours. It's a great job, I absolutely love it, but the pay's low and the hours are few. My requests for more hours fall on deaf ears, I think, but meh, it'll do for now.

I was explaining to Kevin my quandry regarding this summer/fall. Right now I work at EB Games, for not very much per hour, and not many hours. I need to afford rent, books, food, gas, and frivolous things. Currently at EB, this is not possible. So, I can either go home once my lease here is up and work for my dad (or the Farm Service, perhaps) this summer, or I can stay here and take some summer classes. However, if I stay here, I'll make a lot less money, unless I take another job. If I take a second job, though, I won't be able to take classes. If I can't take classes, I might be screwed for credits that I need to hop into 2nd Year Pop Culture courses. And that, friends, requires money. Mr. Heller, I could have been your muse.

One of my favourite things in the world is live music. A few weeks ago we had a glorious jam right in our goddamn living room. Alex, Sean (whose MySpace address eludes me at the moment), and Kev managed to take a break from school to come down and rock right the hell out. Even stupid Sarah garbageface managed to show up. Even though the mic situation left something to be desired, it was a most excellent rock show.

I've never been super-vocal in my appreciation of Weezer. I really dig Weezer. Granted, I was weaned on the Blue Album, and hadn't listened to anything since then for a long while. Long story short, they're due for a gig in Toronto very soon, 6 May, or something. A girl I know wanted to see them, so I figured I'd hop on the internet the second the tickets hit the public. Well, the dipshits at Ticketmaster decided "oh, let's let people buy tickets in packs of up to 20! Clearly everyone will get a ticket this way. We are so clever, hehehe!" Nice try, assholes. Go look up "Weezer +Toronto" on eBay, it's fucking silly.

I wanted to see U2 as well, but I'm not even going to talk about that.

The Tea Party, however, are coming to town. This is a fantastic thing. I likely wouldn't have thought of going, as no one around here seems to like or appreciate them. However! A girl came to our house bearing cookies, red hair, respect for Akira Kurosawa, and decent taste in music. So, she comes over to visit Eric and we started talking about music, and I think we're going to see the Tea Party at the Moose and Goose next month. It shall rock, and it shall rock hard.

So, Black Kitty and I are perhaps going to collaborate on a children's book. Check out her comic, and support Drunk Duck.

I'm listening to Depeche Mode and I'm not going to change it. I must be tired. Good night, masses.

Moment of Zen: I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough...

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