19 April 2005

There were also neat fish.

So, I just ate some melon. I promised myself that I would never talk about what I've eaten in this blog to make filler, this melon is something else. Shit if I even know what breed of melon it is, although my money is on delicious. It is as if the finest melon in the world entered my very kitchen, laid itself upon my counter, and said unto me "lo, I am melon incomparable. You will verily eat me and be happy beyond description. Your euphoria will be equaled only by beating like level 15 in Tetris or something."

It's some pretty good melon.

I've got some interesting times ahead of me, it seems. As reported by many sources, EB Games was bought out by GameStop. Since GameStop is an exclusively American store, I didn't think that this would affect EB Canada, but lo and behold, it does. Seems every overseas (and over-49th, I suppose) EB Games will, by Q4 2005/Q1 2006, become a GameStop. I don't know if I'll still be with the company by then, but if I am, it'll be interesting to see the changeover happen. I really doubt they'll pull restaffing shenanigans, but the district managers might get a shakearound...who knows. I just find it amusing that I technically work at a place I've never even been to before.

Time for bed.

Moment of Zen: It is 2005 and the great battle of Autobot City has not started. I feel let down.

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