13 October 2005

I wish I had a food budget

Children, come around and hear a story. A story of a drink.

It's got blue curacao. It's got gin. It's got orange juice. It is called a ninja turtle. And I am enjoying one currently.

We (Elaine and I), just saw Les Miserables, and I feel very french, french, french. Apparently it was a bit of a different production, since it was all musical. Oh, sure, it's a musical, but even the spoken bits were...musical. I was pleased with the outcome, and I have nothing but thanks to give to Elaine's parents for getting her the tickets for her birthday. I've been downtown all my life, and never felt part of the haute couture, as it were. But here I am, drinking a ninja turtle in a condo in a luxurious-ish complex, overlooking Lake Ontario, post-theatre show, and I've elevated from the status of the common prole. Jesus neato, I'm even dressed up. Gussied, if you will. Compared to Elaine though, I'm not that fancy. She looks great.

Apple came out with their new iPod today, I am somewhat pleased. Their venture into video isn't too enticing, I won't be replacing my original 4th Generation just yet. I don't really care about being able to watch porno on the bus, let alone Transformers or Scrubs. I guess once their prices drop, perhaps, I might look into the 5G and maybe cut myself off from purchasing a PSP...for now.

Elaine doesn't like this drink, but I do.

I was home for the weekend, what with the Thanksgiving and all. I've got a drumstick warming slowly in the car, so I am pleased. Nothing like putrid fowl for breakfast. Mmmmmmmm.

Ah, here's poncy boy Ewan McGregor on the T-V. What a fancy git, apparently gets naked in every movie he's in. Apparenly a heroin-laced Ewan gets my girlfriend going, so I'm not sure what to think, really. Confusion, she sets in.

Hark! Another turtle arrives! I deem it Leonardo.

Moment of Zen: He'd just tape it to the wall and go to town.

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