05 October 2005

Visa vie

I suppose it's time to post again. Hooray, fancy things for all.

My biggest problem with posting is actually the title. I'll sit down, ready to throw some words at the screen, and then Blogger's "Title" box mocks me. I think about it for a minute...and nothing comes. Once that happens, I'm pretty well out of steam in terms of desire to write anything. However! Today I am writing the post first, and title second, so I've eliminated the one who holds me back. I claim victory.

So the hockey begins tonight. I'll be working, so that's just wonderful. In lieu of that, I was playing NHL 06 last night, and I had the Leafs win 3-1, with Spezza getting Ottawa's only goal. Toronto's goals were scored by Sundin, O'Neill, and...Domi. I was surprised, too.

Speaking of surprises, I'm not sure that I mentioned it in a previous post (likely not), but Elaine and I picked up an Xbox not too long ago. Also, I exchanged my bulky PS2 for the sexy slim-line one:

I didn't think this would ever happen.
The 3 Systems: Sexy PS2, hipster Gamecube, and
garish Xbox now dominate my TV stand. Holy wow!

I don't quite believe it either, but how it worked out is that Elaine already had a few games for the Xbox (her brother has one), and I felt like catching up on all the games I never got to play in the past few years. My first opinions: Knights of the Old Republic and Halo? Suck. Maybe I'm playing them too late in the system's life cycle to enjoy them, but Halo - even on PC - was mediocre at best, and KotoR was far too tabletop "roll your dice"-ish for me. I'm loving Sonic Mega Collection, though, so that's a plus. Need to pick up an extra controller so Elaine can be Tails and get stuck in craters and whatnot. That's not a jab at Elaine, mind you, just that did anyone ever manage to do anything effectual as Tails?

And on the topic of Elaine, our six-month thing rolls around in November, but I'm not at liberty to divugle any information as to what we're doing. Not because I don't know, but because she reads this. Stop trying to get me in trouble, you asses.

We're going to see Jon Stewart on Friday, and Les Miserables next Wednesday, so the coming week should be decent. Sure, I have to miss an integral concert pertaining to my Listening to Music course, but bah, what's a few percent, eh?

This year's starting off right, I can assure you.

I travel in odd circles online, so please, don't ask me how I came across this. Cat owners, would you put your feline friend into what looks to be Vader's resperatory pod...OF DEATH? I'm reminded of what Tycho had to say about litterboxes once. To me, the whole thing looks hilarious, but then again, the idea of cats and cats in ill situations make me laugh. Like when my friend Katie mentioned, "during the summer there was a huge wind storm, and I think it blew our cat off the balcony." Glasses-removing laughter, that's what I was overcome with. At that moment I think the proper emotions expected were to be regret and condolence, but not so in my case. Pure, sheer, hilarity. I mean, I'm imagining it now, I know it's bad, but in my head I see this:


Look at him go! Hahahaha.
I'm going to hell.

Alright, I've got to drive to Guelph, thank god. Gets me out of Thorold for a few hours at least.

Moment of Zen: Far too much oatmeal. Far too much.

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