07 October 2005

Red mosquito

A quick update. You'll notice this new bar on the side of the site, it's my Digg. Took me an assload of time trying to figure out how to implement it into the blog, but there it is. Digg is a site born of the mind of Kevin Rose, a tech guy who used to be on the old TechTV, and more recently (until quitting), G4. He's now doing two online shows, Diggnation which covers the top Digg stories with ex-TechTV guy Alex Albrecht; and Systm, a more technical nerd gig. Digg has news articles (mostly tech/gaming/science-related, you know I dig that crap) that people post, sifting the best articles to the top of the page. What you'll be seeing on the right are the ones I've dug, as it were. I've also cleaned up the HTML a bit more, and for what's it's worth, I'm going to teach myself this CSS, seems to me to be a step above the HTML.

I'll be off to see Jon Stewart now, goodnight, children.

Moment of Zen: Do the bearcat.

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