04 September 2006

Are Danishes from France?

It has been brought to my attention that some people are confused by my last post about The Vestaloynes. The band in the article I found and the band I linked are indeed one and the same. Blows your mind, eh? Mine too. They are a real band, just like MC Premium Plus.

You didn't know about MC Premium Plus? Shit, he's the best rapper this side of our dimension, and probably the other side too. I mean, check this out:
badass mutha
there ain't no other, this woman-lover, not Danny Glover, he makes 'em hover.

P.R.E.M.I.U.M. is how you spell pandemonium
P for the power
L for the love
U buy the records
and Ssssssssmell the glove.

Busting dope rhymes in jackalope times
deking fines and passing on the blue lines
Pass the puck, cross the 401
make it to the T-Dot before the night is done

In his Focus Wagon he brings the hos
And up in shotgun ride the pros
Sorry kids, that's just how it goes
in the land of ice you gotta play before it snows.

Man, seriously. Dope.

You know it!

Get your ticket for the coolest concert in the history of time, kids.

School tomorrow. Good night.

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