07 September 2006


I've got school in the morning, so you get facts from our friends Copy and Paste.

Since our last check-up we've had an improvement! The browser breakdown for visitors here is this:
  1. Firefox (56%)
  2. Netscape and Internet Exploder - tie (21%)
  3. Ask Jeeves (2%)
First off, I'm so happy you kids are using Firefox more. Second, you're still using IE, oh 21 percent? What do the five fingers say to the face? Slap. That's correct. I wasn't sure that Netscape still existed, so either people are using computers from 10 years ago or I'm just trippin'. And Ask Jeeves? What the fuck.

Next is the operating system:
  1. Windows XP (46%)
  2. Linux UNIX (24%)
  3. Unknown (23%)
  4. Windows ME/2000 (3%)
  5. Windows 98 (1%)
Windows XP does not surprise me, Linux does. And Unknown? Holy shits there are mystery OSes about! And to whoever is using Windows 98: My cell phone can run Windows 98. Get a new computer.

Other neat-o facts:
  • 7.25% have your screens set to 800x600. Either your monitor is from the Crusades or you're just content with blinding headaches. Oh well.
  • 1.45% have your screens set to 1600x1200. I am jealous of 1.45% of you.
  • I have people (apparently) reading from Sunnyvale, California; Houston, Texas; and Glendale, Arizona. Hello to you. (I question the accuracy of the location machine, it thinks I'm from Nova Scotia.)
  • It is possible to find my site by searching for "mulholland drive, bon jovi". Wow.
There you have it.

Good night.


Sek said...

>> And Unknown? Holy shits there are mystery OSes about!

OS X? BSD? They're pretty much the same, since X is based on the Mach kernel of the BSD core.

>> Ask Jeeves? What the fuck.

That's surprising. I figured /I/'d show up under Konqueor/Safari as a (1%), guess I'm just the minority. :(

>> Get a new computer.

Actually, let's not and say we did. Vista is going to break a hell of a lot of games, so keeping 98 around is probably good. Especially since it handles DOS better than XP IIRC.

Alex said...

Hello dan, awsome. That's about it, i find it's crazy that people still have all this old computer shit, but hey, if they can't afford the upgrade. to bad there's no way for you to see who's connecting with dial up ! now THAT would be specatcular. . .
on a side note. . .u have my blog link as the old one. . .you can find teh new one at alexanderaleksic.spaces.live.com