04 September 2006

The Way I See It #122

I start school tomorrow. I honestly have no idea what the hell I'm getting myself into.

It's weird, I've had a 2-year summer, and the idea of going back to school is, amazingly, an exciting prospect. No dread, no looming grey cloud, nothing. I can't think of a good reason as to why though, because if you've ever met me, you'd know that I'm not the biggest fan of the educational establishment. I suppose you could chalk it up to my competitiveness ("Elaine's going, why the hell can't I?"), my desire not to resign myself to a lifetime of retail, or maybe the fact that it gives me an excuse to get a MacBook is enticing enough.

I realized (this evening, quite conveniently since everything is closed) that I'll likely need more than a currently non-existant laptop and fancy empty laptop backpack in order to go to school. Hopefully I can find some, you know, lined paper. The first week will be, in short, awful. If you've seen my handwriting, good Christ. No one will be able to borrow my notes, at least.

I'd like to touch upon an item I mentioned a few posts ago:
"If I don't get in, I expect one solid week of binge drinking and sandwich eating, and you should too. You know what? Even if I do make it in, I will do it anyhow."
Well, as promised, even if I made it in, my binge-week begins...now. Shit. Yes.

Drinks of choice this week are many (many - thanks Sean) Molson Canadian Cold Shots, which taste like water but don't function the same. And the cans, they're so small! Quite effective, these.


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