05 May 2004

Forget about your silly whim, it doesn't fit the plan

Sorry it's been so long since I've last posted, been quite busy recently. Somehow, a person without school or job manages to be busy. Somewhere else, the employed weep.

Been one of those days, nothing's going right. Yet somewhere in this insanity I find some solace. I realized that I'm free, if only for a while. I've got no school to attend, no one to answer to, no deadlines, nothing. Granted, I've got no job, but I'm trying. I can't really explain what happened, but somehow everything's fallen together today. I understand that life is all about doing what needs to be done, as dumb as that sounds. Like I said, I can't rightly describe it. Meh.

There are so many options open for me right now, and it's hard to believe that these are available to me. What I'm talking about aren't just jobs, they aren't just trips, they're experiences.

well my friends came and got me since i did that last paragraph and we went to the bar and now it's time for sleep. So adieu.

Current mood: not terribly inebriated


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