12 August 2004

Ammonia for the arms means awesome for the brain

I was right. Not unlike those who predict the future on late-night television, I prophecized that a video game would be my downfall.

I can't stop playing Disgaea.

I am so at a loss for anything worthwhile to say that I'm going to post a quiz that I did online. Pretty sure I've done it before, but it bestows me with different results every few months.

You are Mizuhara Koyomi! You are more of a loner than everyone realizes, but you don't mind having a bit of fun now and then. You are pretty inteligent, and good at a wide range of things, except music, even though you love it. You have pretty bad luck though, and things
never seem to go your way. You worry about your appearances a lot, and have a sweet tooth that you probably indulge too much. You also can be a bit mean at times, and tend to pick on those weaker than yourself. You have a cynical side to you, and are a realist. The things in life that really excite you are good cooking, good ideas, and good jokes... and singing, even though others plead with you not to do it. Your best friend? You hate to say it, but Tomo has been your friend for a long time now. Try doing something which lets you release tension in a productive way... like hosting a radio show, inventing things, or becoming a politician.

The Azumanga Daioh Character Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

I feel ever so manly right now.

Really though, I do love Azumanga Daioh far too much. Maybe I like anime itself more than I should. I was taking a bit of a skim through my collection today, and wrote down all of them. It's kind of depressing, in a way.

Azumanga Daioh Volumes 1 through 3 + artbox
Witch Hunter Robin Volume 1 + artbox
Haibane Renmei Full Series (4 discs) + artbox
FLCL Full Series (3 discs) + artbox
Comic Party Volume 1 + artbox
RahXephon Discs 2, 3, movie + Collector's Artbox
Love Hina Volume 2
Neon Genesis Evangelion (2 discs, can't remember which)
Najica Blitz Tactics Volume 1 + Artbox (heh)

...ehhh, considering I've crafted a half-complete list and one contains a complementary pair of panties, I think I'll stop.

Bah, productivity be damned, I'm going back to Disgaea.

Moment of Zen: My canvas bag is cooler than yours.

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