18 August 2004

Cheap wine

Continuing my tradition of bringing nothing to the table, I give you a copy/paste of banter from a recent IRC bout.

Sweeper: oooo, stolen swan is sexay
zosobaggins: har, I'll make sure to tell her :P
[JoseoftheWired] what
[JoseoftheWired] No (Zoso's Note: Jose had been fighting with me about signing up for a blog)
zosobaggins: Jo: Get on it, fucker
[JoseoftheWired] But I'll make my entry for today
zosobaggins: register joseofthewired to blogger before i do Jo
[JoseoftheWired] Woke up at 1... Played lots of tetris. Got a high score. Went and got some pizza. Watch woman's gymnastics
Sweeper: don't use blogger
[JoseoftheWired] And then I went an IRC and was told to make a blog
Sweeper: o blogspot
Sweeper: get some decent hosting, and get a goot script
[JoseoftheWired] Current mood: Headache /// Listening to: We Are The Champions, by Queen, in honor of the US swimming team
zosobaggins: I *heart symbol that blogger hates* blogger because it's free, i bust the html myself, and it's not xanga
PzP: Tetris > *
[JoseoftheWired] Html?
[JoseoftheWired] I can't do that
[JoseoftheWired] NM
Alieu: i *heart symbol that Blogger hates* blogger because of hello and audioblogger.
Sweeper: Zo: bring stolenswan to ACen OR ELSE
zosobaggins: Jo: you don't have to
Alieu: i used to be on pitas.
* Sweeper chews on his toenails
zosobaggins: Sweep: I'm going to Otakon 05, and she hates anime, so you're pretty much SOL
Sweeper: Otakon is for LOSARS

These are the people I hang out with online. I love IRC, probably far too much. It lets me use emoticons and crap without loss of much pride. I mostly posted that for Stolenswan's enjoyment, I know how she loves fanboys.

Two of the folks involved were Alieu (http://miemasuka.blogspot.com/) and Sweeper (http://sweeper.filter.eu.org/). Good folk they be.

I'm a whore for cheap CDs, especially when they're a new release. As in today. I picked up the Tea Party's new album, The Seven Circles. It's not bad, I'm a little ashamed to say my favourite song so far is one where Holly McNarland makes an appearance. I don't like it because of her - who would? - but it's just an alright song. Didn't finish the disc though, so I'll have to give it another go-around.

I'm going to my house in St. Catharines on Thursday and returning Friday, and then I have a beach party thing on Saturday, and then Sunday I have Rush, and the weekend after I have CNAnime. And THEN I go back to St. Catharines, for good. Wheeeee.

Moment of Zen: And then Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

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