02 August 2004


I'm back in town. Whee.

I have nothing spectacular to say about this weekend. There was a party last night, which was boring as hell, and I knew no one. The only highlight was when a bunch of (drunk) girls asked me if I was the drummer from Our Lady Peace, and I told them yes. I even signed them an autograph. Last night, Jeremy Taggart himself was in St. Catharines with a bunch of kids drinking. I don't think I look like him (far right), but Sarah thinks so. I think Sarah looks like Avril Lavigne, so she's reaching out for something to get me back for all the ribbing I give to her, I think. At least Taggart's a respectable musician.

I've got to watch this Hip concert before they take it down. Someone remind me. Thanks.

I picked up the RahXephon box/movie today, it had better be good. Considering I own 3 dvds and haven't even watched any of it yet. Sarah owes me $43.00 for Fruits Basket 4th disc. She refuses to trade Disgaea for it too. Goddamn. I'm too damn nice for my own good.

Alright, I think I have some Zelda to play. Yes, yes I do.

Here, some depression lyrics for you. Goodnight all.

"In This Time" by The Tea Party

Hey hey lady looks like I'm under your spell once again.
And hey hey lady, there just now ain't no denying these things.

will always be here,
Always be with you.

And I know she said, "Let the leaves fall wherever they may"
But I find it hard, hard to find people like she is today.

I will always be here,
Always be with you.
In this time

When you lay to sleep tell me the visions you see in the night.
When you turn around what kind of shadow is cast by the light?

She will always be here,
Always be here.
I will always be here.
I will always be with you.
In this time

Moment of Zen: When you have no one, you probably play video games.

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