04 August 2004

No cow can resist the power of the SALT LICK

Less a retraction and more of a realization regarding the last post, my god did I sound like a whiny loser.

It still sort of stands however, it would be nice to meet someone new, but shit, I've got better things to do with my time than sit around and bitch about it.


Went downtown yesterday, got Azumanga Daioh vol. 3. Wanted to visit Nicole, but we were on a pretty tight schedule, so I've still got to do that. Saw Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle last night. Was a pretty funny movie, says I. Not the greatest ever, but having Doogie Howser cameo is cinematic gold.

I have high hopes for this movie but I really doubt that it'll pull through. Shame.

Well, time to do nothing.

Late night edit:

Here're some pics from last weekend. Thanks Dave.

And some funny-ass vans in Japan.

Moment of Zen: Cornucopia. Not a word you hear too often. Cornucopia.

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