13 August 2004

So hard done by

I enjoy bubble tea. I enjoy bubble tea a lot. I also like driving, and am usually pretty good at finding my way around. Somehow, this night managed to be chock-full of ineptitude as I drove around for about half an hour trying to find a bubble tea place that I go to pretty damn often. Between myself and Sean, we were lost in a familiar area. I have no excuse.

I've been torrenting (OMGWTF I ISH STEALING!!11) Samurai 7. Unlike the game Seven Samurai 20xx for PS2, this series doesn't take Akira Kurosawa's awesomeness and rape it unmercifully. Thank God. I'll go further into depth when I see a few more episodes, but so far I'm pleased.

I picked up the newest (2nd) volume of Negima. God I love this book.

I have to go make a phone call, I think. G'night children. Daddy will be back tomorrow.


Hmm. No phone call.

Oh, forgot to mention I picked up this today as well. Best $15 I've ever spent.
/me burninates the countryside, peasants, thatched-roof cottages, etc.

I'm going to read more Negima. So, goodnight.

Moment of Zen: "Can...can I have a cookie?"

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